Redmond is pleased to be associated with Sue Hedgecock, the recent winner of the Tevis Haggin Cup in July 2013.


Sue and her Arabian gelding, Julio came in 8th overall and won one of the most prestigious awards in Endurance Equestrian Competitions in the United States of America.

Sue has been a great advocate for our Redmond products and “used both Daily Red and Daily Gold in the lead up to Tevis, as well as Daily Red in his feed 4 times during the 100 mile race.”

Sue says “This was a very hot Tevis with temps reaching 110 degrees in the canyons – no problem for us!! I used the mineral/electrolyte supplement Daily Red for Julio and Re-Lyte for me before leading into the ride as it was already hot in Utah and even hotter in Auburn when we rode the last bit of trail from the Quarry to the finish. Supplementing for me was important every 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Throughout the race I drank a minimum of 3 full containers of 800+ltrs of water, some with extra Gatorade or Lemonade from check points, at and between every check point. I made a big point of chugging water and electrolyting myself very early on with Re-Lyte Sport Caps regularly.”

“This was a thrill of a lifetime – a dream that was within my grasp and then seized!!”

“Thank you Redmond!!!”