A Redmond Story:  Daily Gold Relieved Prada's

Pain From Equine Ulcers

July 15, 2021

Chronic pain in horses can be a cause of equine ulcers that's difficult to diagnoseespecially if your horse is a silent warrior. When horses experience pain or increased stress, they produce excessive stomach acid which causes gastric ulcers. 

Ally's horse Prada experienced an underlying pain condition that caused severe ulcers. After a frustrating round of ineffective horse supplements, Ally landed on Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief and never looked back. Read how she helped Prada get out of pain from equine ulcers and is now back to pleasure riding and racing.


Meet Ally and Her  Mare Prada

My barrel horse, Prada, was suffering from an unusual underlying condition that caused her to develop terrible ulcers and become very cinchy. The ulcers resulted in major problems, and my mare lost 100 pounds at one point.

I wasn't able to ride Prada during this time. It was a good day if she’d walk a few steps, let alone trot. I tried supplement after supplement, but nothing helped my horse. It was frustrating, to say the least.

We ended up moving home from where I was going to college so that we could get help from our vet. After pinpointing the pain source causing Prada’s problem, we finally got her ulcers under control.

At that point, I went searching for a supplement to keep her on the path of healing and prevent ulcers in the future. I saw Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief at our local feed store and decided to research it more. I'm so glad that I did!

Many ulcer/calming supplements cost upwards of $50 to $100 a month, plus they have many chemicals in them. Daily Gold was very wallet-friendly and 100% natural. I couldn't believe it!

Ally 1After just a week of using the product, Prada stopped being cinchy. Today, her ulcers are under control and she’s a pleasure to ride again. In fact, my horse has never been this calm! We walk, trot, lope around the arena, complete barrel drills with ease, and ride around the pasture without a problem.

While not all supplements work for every horse—and many didn't work for mine—Daily Gold has made all the difference for Prada. It’s helped my mare not be in pain from ulcers, kept them out of sight, and made her more pleasant to ride.

Now Prada and I are racing again and participating in pleasure activities like trail riding. I no longer worry about her developing ulcers, and that’s made both of our lives so much better. Daily Gold has proven its worth in gold for how much it’s helped my mare.

-Ally Mager

Daily Gold A+ Infographic-2Benefits of Redmond Daily Gold Horse Supplement

Like Prada, many horses have improved in health with Daily Gold Stress Relief. Besides healing equine ulcers and calming digestive pain and sensitivity, Daily Gold is also affordable. At around $23.00 a month, it's one of the most cost-effective and best horse supplements available. 

Daily Gold is also completely natural! Unlike many supplements, it has no sweeteners, fillers, artificial flavors or colors--only 100% pure Redmond-brand bentonite clay with 60+ naturally occurring trace minerals for horses. Click below to purchase a sample pack and improve your horse's digestive health, wellbeing, and overall body condition with simple, effective Redmond Daily Gold. 


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