A Redmond Story:  How Sarah Treated Equine Ulcers in Her Horse

July 14, 2021

Did you know frequent episodes of colic is one sign of equine ulcers? This UC Davis article notes low-grade colic or gas colic often accompanies ulcers in horses. While ulcers may affect any horse at any age,  they occur most frequently in those that perform athletic activities like racing, endurance, or showing.

Sarah Schwartz's show horse had ulcers and monthly bouts of colic, and struggled to maintain his health. After trying multiple supplements and medications, Sarah finally resolved her horse's flareups with Redmond Daily Gold. Keep reading to learn her story and to find out if Daily Gold can help your horse.


Meet Sarah and Her Show Horse Ike 

My horse Ike is an amazing 19-year-old show horse and off-the-track thoroughbred that’s been with me for ten years. Ike’s taught me about horses, about myself, mucked with me through good and bad, and I can't imagine life without him. A few years ago, however, I wasn’t sure he’d still be around today.

Ike was struggling with serious colic and ulcer issues. It seemed monthly he’d slump into another episode. He’s a worrier and internalizes everything—which means his chronic colic and ulcers were a constant worry for me too. I tried supplements, medications. Nothing worked. I felt like a horrible parent and feared every day Ike’s next bout might be the fatal one.

dressage riderThankfully for both of us, I discovered Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief. Within a week of starting Ike on Daily Gold, I noticed Ike was less gassy. Then his attitude improved. A month went by, then two, with no signs of colic.

After five months of being colic-free, I pulled the supplement to see what would happen. Ike’s excess gas returned and he acted unsettled and uncomfortable. He went back on Daily Gold and I vowed then he’d stay on it for good.

Three years later, Ike and I still love Daily Gold! It’s worked wonders. We recently competed at the Jockey Club T.I.P. Championships in Kentucky. It was Ike’s first time in that large of a setting, and he was nervous, but showed no colicky behavior. When his ulcers flared slightly after competing, we increased the Daily Gold dose and he’s now returning to normal.

I’ve become a lifelong fan of Redmond Daily Gold—it’s my favorite equine supplement! I’ve talked about it with friends, and my trainer and others in my barn have also used Daily Gold on their own show horses, with great success. My experience with Redmond has been nothing but positive.

- Sarah Schwartz


Symptoms and Treatment of Ulcers in Horses

Like Sarah's horse Ike, equine ulcers are often present in horses that have frequent episodes of colic.  Other symptoms of ulcers in horses include girthiness when tacking up, attitude changes, reluctance to train or perform, poor appetite, and weight loss.

You don't need to feel at the mercy of your horse's equine ulcers symptoms or behavior. Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief improves digestive troubles and repairs equine ulcers naturally with pure bentonite clay. It buffers excess stomach acid that causes ulcers, improves digestive discomfort, and helps horses feel better. Daily Gold also has 60+ loose minerals that promote horse health and better performance. Purchase a sample pack today and give your horse the healing benefits of Redmond Daily Gold!


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