I’ve been using Redmond Daily Gold now for quite a while, and being without it is inconceivable to me.  My mare, Sienna, was having some very big issues when her stablemate was taken away, and all she would do, all day and night, was pace her fence line non-stop.  She lost weight and wore her shoes down to basically aluminum foil.  I tried several products to see if they’d help, and nothing did, but when I tried Daily Gold, by the end of that day she was standing peacefully in her stall and had settled down tremendously. 

I’ve said it before on this blog and I still tell everyone about Redmond products every chance I get.  Daily Gold has turned Sienna in to a calm, relaxed mare.  And her Redmond Rock has been licked in to oblivion and I’m heading to our feed store today for a new one.  If you haven’t tried these products yet, please do!  The difference in my mare was night and day.  In my opinion, Redmond products are the best out there!

Kim Landfather

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