Three of our Redmond Equine Team have just returned from the Springfield Equine Affair in Massachusetts, and it was a “Rockin” affair. We sold through 4 crates of our 3-5lb Rock, plus cases of our Daily Gold Stress Relief, Daily Red ElectrolytesFirst Aid, and T-shirts.

There were some things about the Show we loved…and some we didn’t. Here are our Best and Worst!

Thumbs up


Julie Goodnight


Mike and Tiu

• Julie Goodnight Clinics….It is obvious the crowds love Julie, and she has great advice for every rider – rookie and experienced.

• Our customers were wonderful and our associates were great company. The hours fly by when our customers are open and want to learn about new products that can benefit their horses.

• Jeff and Eitan Beth Halachmy put on a great Western Dressage show. We loved his Morgan.

• The Greek Gyros we found for lunch were the Bomb, (minus the onion!).

Thumbs down

• Imagine standing on a concrete floor from 8.30am to 7.30pm – 11 hours, 3 days in a row, and then 8.30am through 5pm on Sunday. Crazy long hours…

• Not able to go home Sunday…after 4 full days it would be nice to close shop an hour or two earlier to be able to catch a flight home on Sunday instead of Monday.

• Despite the recommendations of a few, we thought the Apple fritters were awful.

All in all, thank you Springfield, we had fun, learned a lot, and we will be back next year!