by Kim Landfather


I’m finding this extremely hard to believe. Can it be possible that this product actually worked this fast? Let me explain. I have a Kentucky Natural Gaited (KNG) mare who is naturally on the skittish side. Don’t get me wrong – she’s an amazing ride and solid as a rock on the trail, but she is the type of horse that can get edgy when things go awry or a change occurs. When I sold her stable mate who was stalled right next to her, she really became upset. She paced up and down her fence line non-stop, day and night. I’d feed her and she’d take a few bites, pace for five minutes, then repeat this behavior continuously. She was pacing so much that she lost quite a bit of weight (that being said, she could lose more weight and still be slightly overweight (Yes, she was FAT).  After about a month, I realized she wasn’t showing any signs of accepting this change and wasn’t calming down, so I figured I’d try some sort of IMG_2869supplement to help her. I found Daily Gold in our local feed store, and when I discovered it cost about half of the others they carried, I thought I’d give it a try. I gave her the recommended dosage the next morning. Later that afternoon I noticed she wasn’t pacing nearly as much, and when she did pace, it wasn’t as frantic or fast. More like a casual stroll. It’s been three days, and right now she’s standing in her cover, enjoying the shade and the breeze. She still does walk the fence, but only about half as much and not as if she’s about to blow a gasket. I don’t know if your Daily Gold can have this quick of an effect, but it sure seems funny that the instant I gave it to her…BAM…I see a noticeable improvement. I can’t wait to see what the next couple of weeks bring.  If she continues to improve, I will be blabbing the wonders of this product to all the horse people here, and believe me, there are a lot of them!


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