Our last blog post from Kim Landfather was about her experience with Redmond Daily Gold and her horse Sienna. Shortly after the post published, we received this note from Kim. She shared Daily Gold with a neighbor and had this to say:


Hello again!

I just had to tell you the great news. I gave my neighbor Tink some Daily Gold, and she started giving it to her Appaloosa mare Apryl. Anytime she and I would go riding and this mare was left in her stall, she would scream and scream and bolt all around her pen.  We could hear her until we were out of earshot, and on the way back we could hear her again once we were back in earshot. When we’d get back home, she’d be soaking wet from forelock to tail and exhausted. About a week after starting her on Daily Gold, we suddenly noticed one day that as we were leaving for our ride, she nickered once or twice and nothing more. When we were returning, she heard us coming down the road and again nickered a few times. Notice I said nickered and not screaming. And when getting off our horses, we noticed she wasn’t wet, not even slightly. We went riding yesterday, and again, a little nickering when we left, when we returned, and no sweat.

This stuff is amazing! My mare has literally been transformed, and Tink and I no longer feel racked with guilt whenever we ride, worrying about her Appaloosa. I am now doling out Daily Gold samples like M&M’s and letting people know where they can buy it.

I just wanted to give you the good news. When something works this well, you want everyone to know about it. Keep up the great work in keeping horses everywhere happy and healthy.

Kim Landfather