Julie Goodnight shares with us her two perfect matches.

I have been blessed with horses that I know were my perfect match—horses that were in my life, just at the right time, to teach me just what I needed to know and learn at the moment. As the old saying goes, “you get the horse you need, not the horse you want.”

Scan0011Pepsea, my exceptional 30 year old Morgan, entered my life 25 years ago, just after I went into business for myself. We were both young and strong and self-assured. She came to me for training as a “problem” horse who had bucked off the last eight riders that dared to mount her. Yet I found her to be well-trained, extremely responsive, with the work ethic of a freight train. The bucking had started with separating her from her month-old filly— an unreasonable request. In other words—human error. From Pepsea, I learned a lot about truth, perspective, work ethic and honesty. She challenged me enough to keep me humble and to hone my leadership skills. Pepsea taught me about unlimited potential—together we could be whatever we wanted and do any job asked. We led pack trips, ponied colts, did cross country jumping, made my first videos, reined, and even worked cattle. We came a long way together.




HeidiMeloccoCoverXE1C3764 copyPepsea is now enjoying her well-deserved retirement and I’m so thankful for my current “perfect match.” You know Dually and have seen him on the TV show and in lots of my training videos. He is a mature, seasoned athlete, full of character and quite the performer too. Dually taught me sensitivity, fairness and the importance of a give-and-take attitude. Together we have developed a trust in each other that goes beyond the human scope of understanding. Dually has helped me to open my mind, expand my horizons and try new things. He has the heart of a lion and the grace of a ballet dancer—traits I admire and aspire to.

They say that you are lucky to have one great horse in your lifetime. I’ve been very blessed to have had two horses-of-a-lifetime (so far) who have come to me at just the right time in my life to help me grow and become a better person— but it’s still a work in progress!


Julie Goodnight