Ten years ago my husband, who is an old farm boy and who was getting ready for retirement,  came into the kitchen and said “I really miss having horses.  Do you mind if I get some?”   I said, “Well, I know nothing about horses, but OK”.  He said, “Good.  They’re in the front yard.”  I was terrified of them and left him to it for about a year.  Then he begged me to go on a trail ride with him.  I was instantly hooked.  I was also still afraid.  I signed up for riding lessons, asking each instructor, “Can you teach me how horses think?”  The third instructor got a gleam in her eye, and ran into the barn to get Parelli Level One.  I was hooked again. 

Last week, Pat Parelli was in Salt Lake City, Utah, putting on a demonstration.  My horse, Annie, and I were invited to be on the Savvy Team with two other instructors, entertaining the audience before his performance.  Who would have guessed that in my retirement years, I would find a passion I never knew I had?  Like many of you, I play with and ride my horse almost everyday, and it’s still never enough.  Who would have guessed?

Jolene Green


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