Take the worry out of wondering if your horse is getting enough. Here are 6 important points on why you should be using a good quality natural mineralized Rock.

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1. Better Hydration: All horses need a trigger to drink. A quality salt rock will encourage them to drink and prevent devastating dehydration issues.

2. Maintain & Manage Electrolyte Balance: This is especially important for working horses that are sweating in their efforts.

3. Contains 60 plus natural minerals: Without these, he may be unbalanced and struggle with habits such as eating dirt and cribbing.

4. All Natural: A hydrated horse is a healthy horse. The important balance of natural salt, minerals and water is vital to a horse’s health.

5. Horses love the taste: The more he loves it, the more he licks. The more he drinks, the healthier he is!

6. A granular mineralized natural salt is the perfect diet for working horses.

For just a couple of extra dollars a month, you can feed your horse a quality natural rock, like Redmond Rock, that will taste better for your horse, encouraging him to lick more and thus be better hydrated.

These rocks will fully support his mineral needs providing the full range wild horses obtain in their natural environment.


These rocks also last longer in the weather, and will not crumble or dissolve in the rain or humidity like blocks tend to do. They may melt a little in extreme humidity.

Read more about Redmond at www.redmondequine.com.

You can also order Redmond products at our Redmond Equine store or find them locally at a retailer near you.