Jose Shady Lady, Josie, is our 22 year old mare. This mare has been used for everything from reining 12-15 years ago, Jr rodeo (barrels and poles), broodmare and now our beloved lesson horse.

Before we started Redmond Daily Gold with her she would drop a lot of weight in the winter time and it would take a long time for her to shed and look nice again. We knew that weight loss sometimes is a side effect of age. We tried supplemented and more feed and didn’t really see much improvement.

We bred her for the last time 3 years ago and I was really worried about how she’d hold her condition over the winter especially pregnant. We started Redmond in the fall while she was pregnant and she kept great weight through the winter. Come spring time she shed out quickly and her coat looked amazing!

She gave us a jet black filly beginning of May 2015. Both Josie and the filly still get Daily Gold every day and both look amazing. I honestly don’t think Josie would have lasted another winter had it not been for Redmond.

Pictured is Josie a few days ago- 22 years young.