Six and I just finished up our year at the Great Lakes Circuit Finals in Louisville, KY. We had another Great Finals, we were 1st in one round and placed 2nd in another. 

I used the Daily Gold quick relief ulcer syringes every night before running. Six tends to get tense before his run as he anticipates the excitement. If the alleyway at a rodeo is really long it is difficult for me to get him all the way down it while keeping him calm and staying focused. In Louisville the alleyway is really long and downhill. It was important to get all the way to the bottom of the hill so we could have a level approach to the first barrel.

Six stayed calm and collected every night all the way down the alley, which helped us work better as a team together. Thank you Redmond and Redmond products for everything you have done for Six and his health. Redmond’s Daily Gold syringes, Daily Gold and Redmond Rock Crushed have been a big help in keeping Six feeling good throughout the rodeo season. Keeping him eating and drinking  is so important in making him feel good and perform at his optimum. A healthy horse is a happy horse.

Kara Posch

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