by Michelle Jacob

My daughter’s beautiful Welsh x DWB mare is a wonderful horse. She’s patient, sweet and tries hard to take care of my little girl. But Marigold also has a spooky side and sneaky, nasty bolt when her flight mode kicks in. In the 2012 show season, Marigold showed off a perfected duck-and-roll that tossed Avery often. Marigold bucked Avery off, plunked her into a ditch while going cross-country, and dumped her at their first ever one-day event together.

Marigold’s antics continued throughout the winter, and Avery’s confidence plummeted. As the 2013 show season started, we planned to build the pair’s confidence by getting out of the barn. We went out on trails whenever possible. Avery competed in schooling shows and one-day events. If she wanted to trot XC or jump a little grasshopper course, that’s what they did. Both rider and pony gained confidence, and they pair rode their best ever jumper show in September bringing home blue ribbons in optimum time classes up to 2’6″.


As we headed into this past winter, the simple memory of Marigold’s dance moves started to rollercoaster Avery’s confidence once again. We wanted to get ahead of Marigold’s spookiness and added Redmond’s Daily Gold to her feed. The natural minerals help Marigold adapt to physical pressure and stress. They also aid her recovery from exercise, support her muscle and bone development, improve coat health and much more.

Avery rode with more confidence than ever before this winter as Marigold was significantly less spooky. Marigold has been an amazing pony camp mount through the winter months with very young riders decorating and riding her. The barn cats hitch hike rides on Marigold’s back. Avery loves to hop on Marigold bareback with nothing but a lead rope and halter then hack out on the trails. Last weekend, Marigold was calm and happy on the beach for the first time ever. She was even super brave leading my terrified-of-water mare into the waves. The dramatic change in Marigold since adding Daily Gold to her feed has transformed the relationship my daughter has with her mare. Thank you Redmond for giving Avery her pony back.

Michelle Jacob