As a trainer and an active competitor, my love for horses goes beyond words. I have always had horses in my life and cannot imagine there will ever be time when they are not. While I can attest to the bond and partnership one has with their horse, at the age of 26 I have also come to realize there is a bond and partnership that comes from being the leader of a team. And what better a team than one that shares the love for a horse!


The thrill of competition has brought together a team of individuals of varying ages and abilities that have become friends because of their love for a horse. I am excited to be their trainer and a part of their riding journey.



Taking a rider from their first cross rail to winning their first ribbon in a show puts a smile on my face knowing I was able to help foster the success. Helping a student advance to ride in their first CCI 1* and understanding their feeling of nerves and excitement as they enter the start box creates a bond that can only be shared by a fellow Eventer. The pride that comes from watching them cross the finish line as the result of their hard work and dedication is an achievement only a trainer can fully appreciate. Untitled7


We are in the height of the Eventing show season. While Eventing is an individual sport, as a barn we are a team. Watching my team of riders grow not only in their partnerships with their mounts, but closer has a team is gratifying. A team of individuals that support each other, are willing to lend a hand to another, celebrate each other’s successes, and offer a shoulder when disappointment arrives as given me a realization that horses have given me the ability be a part of something that goes beyond riding. Creating friendships and memories has been an amazing side effect that has come from my love of horses and being the leader of a team.


Jordan Linstedt