When I reflect on what riding’s done for me, I can see that it made me a more confident person in all aspects of my life. Riding helps me believe more in myself and helps me to trust myself. As you ride at higher levels, you need to show that you have that confidence. Before I run I tell myself that I believe in my horse as well as myself. I tell myself I can get the job done.

That has helped me come to a place where I value helping other riders and be supportive of them––I’ll help any rider for many reasons. If they are stressing out before their run, I like to give them positive advice so they can relax more and be more confident that they will do well. If they need help with equipment or have forgotten a piece of their tack, I am always willing to lend my tack out. If they need advice on training equipment, feeding, and so on, I would not hesitate to offer my advice. It’s a good feeling of karma, of “do good for others and good will come back to you.”


Over the years, riding has also helped me have a more positive outlook on life. When things are not going the way I want for the day or week or whatever, going for a ride always brings happiness and calmness back into my life. It reminds me not to worry about the little things that go wrong, and I realize how blessed and lucky I am to have horses in my life.

-Sheralee Fiore