Fortified Horse Minerals Stopped Nikki's Licking | A Redmond Story

A Redmond Story: Daily Red Fortified Horse Minerals Stopped Nikki's Licking

September 15, 2023

A horse with a penchant for licking dirt, objects, or people can mean different things. Maybe you have an affectionate or playful horse, they're looking for treats, or they're lacking nutrients in their diet and seeking them in objects with no nutritional value. This is a curious but common phenomenon known as horse pica.

Stephanie MacKissock had a mare that incessantly licked metal.  Suspecting her horse had a mineral deficiency, Stephanie added Redmond Daily Red Fortified Mineral Mix to her horse's diet.  Read the results below!


Stephanie and Nikki's Story


When I purchased my mare Nikki in late fall 2018, I noticed she was licking everything. Specifically, I lost count of the times I saw her licking metalher stall, the trailer, railings, anything within reach.

At that point I figured Nikki was missing something in her diet, but I wasn’t sure what. She had access to a Redmond salt rock, which she frequently licked. While it helped decrease her penchant for licking, it still wasn't enough.

When I learned Redmond had a new product, Daily Red Fortified, I was super excited! My horses love Redmond supplements, and I hoped their new mineral mix would also benefit my mare.

Nikki licked up every speck of Daily Red the first time I fed it with her grain. She’s now been on it for a month and never leaves any behind in her grain bucket.

Since Daily Red has been added to my mare's daily regimen, her overall licking has decreased drastically. In fact, I rarely see her lick metal or any surfaces at all anymore. Nikki is finally getting what she needs and has never looked or felt better.

Stephanie MacKissock

Daily Red benefits-2

Fortified With Vitamins and Loose Minerals for Horses

Redmond's new Daily Red Fortified is made for horses struggling with poor nutrition, mineral imbalance, or deficiencies. Our sea salt supplement contains 60+ natural trace minerals and electrolytes for horses, plus a fortified vitamin and mineral formula. It provides hard-working horses like Nikki the extra nutrition they need to to improve health, vitality, and overall performance.

Does your horse might need a nutritional leg up? Purchase affordable Daily Red today and get your horse's health back on track.  


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