Keep it Simple and Salty: 3 Foundational Redmond Horse Supplements

July 23, 2021

When it comes to horse supplements, there are a lot of products out there—and a lot of ways to misstep. Your horse’s health is too important to guess what he needs, but it’s easy to get lost in all the options and either overspend your budget or over-supplement your horse. So how do you know what equine products are best?

We can clear up the confusion and help you step back and simplify. The fundamental nature of Redmond products goes way beyond supplementation—they provide the building blocks of life! Every horse needs the essential support our products offer, like better hydration, improved mineral balance, and good gut health.

Want to know what Redmond products you should start with to elevate your horse’s overall health? We recommend three. Let’s talk about how to KISS—keep it simple and salty!—when choosing Redmond supplements.


Build Your Horse’s Health on 3 Simple Supplements

Redmond products are natural, effective, affordable— and always support total equine health. That’s why many owners and trainers have made these Redmond mineral products the core of their horse care regimen. You can also build a program to meet your horse’s needs. Here’s how.

1.  Start with Daily Gold

Daily Gold Stress Relief is the first step. It’s our simple bentonite clay digestive support that works wonders for horses. Daily Gold buffers acid, soothes stomach upset, relieves diarrhea, improves appetite, and helps soothe and prevent ulcers. It also has 60+ loose minerals, and naturally increases focus and calm by eliminating gastric trouble. Daily Gold helps stressed horses get back to good health, maintain a steady gut, and focus better.

2.  Choose a Crushed Salt

Horses need salt to stay hydrated and minerals to perform nearly every physiological function. This is step two. Choose one of these products from our loose mineral salt lineup that best suits your horse’s mineral needs: Redmond Rock Crushed, Crushed with Garlic, or Daily Red. Each is packed with 60+ trace minerals and electrolytes that help hydrate horses and bring them back into healthy mineral balance. Add your crushed product to feed to ensure your horse receives a daily supply of salt and essential minerals.

3.  Add a Redmond Rock

Round off your horse's regimen with a Redmond Rock. This is the same product as Redmond Rock Crushed, but in solid rock form. Our salt licks are also loaded with minerals and electrolytes but are offered free choice to satisfy hard-working horses’ extra mineral and salt demands. Try our Rock on a Rope for traveling, tying anywhere, or using as a boredom buster for horses.


Is it Safe to Feed All Three Supplements Together?

Absolutely! Not only is it safe, but we believe it’s fundamental to feed these products as a package because they naturally complement and complete each other. Here are a few questions we commonly hear from customers  about feeding Redmond products.

What Are the Ingredients In Redmond Products?

Our products were created by nature, which means they have no fillers, funny stuff, or artificial anything. They contain only simple nutrients your horse’s body knows exactly what to do with. Daily Gold and Redmond mineral salt products work in harmony, with each improving the efficacy of the other. Redmond supplements are also safe and recommended for pregnant mares and growing foals. (Check out ingredients here: Daily Gold, Redmond Rock Crushed, Crushed with Garlic, Daily Red, Redmond Rock.)

Will My Horse Get Too Many Minerals?

Minerals are vital to horse health and aid in nearly every physiological equine function. The broad spectrum of balanced minerals naturally present in Redmond products come in trace or very small amounts. That means it’s safe to feed multiple mineral products when following the program above. (Find product mineral analyses here: Daily Gold, Crushed, Redmond Rock.)

Will Daily Gold Absorb Other Nutrients?

Some worry that because Daily Gold is made of bentonite clay, it will absorb nutrients and shouldn’t be fed with other supplements. It’s quite the opposite! Check out this NCBI article. Studies show while bentonite can absorb toxins, impurities, and harmful bacteria, it actually enhances absorption of minerals and nutrients by increasing good gut flora and improving digestion. Daily Gold is safe and highly effective when fed with other Redmond supplements.

Take the Redmond KISS Challenge

Now that you know the steps to build your horse’s health program, we invite you to take the KISS challenge! Pick your three preferred Redmond products then watch the improvements in your horse’s health, appearance, and attitude. If you don’t notice positive changes or are unsatisfied for any reason, we’ll replace the products or refund your money through our “love it or return it” guarantee.

Take the guesswork out of equine nutrition—keep your horse’s supplements simple, salty, effective, and affordable with Redmond. Click below to purchase your products and build a foundation for a healthier, happier, higher-performing horse.


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