Redmond has two loose trace mineral supplements to nourish horses.

Redmond Equine Blog

Read our extensive library of blog and resource articles for information about improving horse health and digestion, treating and preventing common issues like ulcers in horses, colic, diarrhea and dehydration, and many more topics.

Redmond Daily Duo: Foundational Horse Mineral Supplements

Choosing the right minerals for your horse is vital. Redmond keeps it simple with two core mineral supplements that support horse gut health and hydration.

13 Crucial Vitamins & Minerals for Horses in All Life Stages

There are 13 vitamins and minerals horses typically become deficient in. Find out which and how to pick the best mineral supplement to help horses thrive.

How to Stop Weight Loss & Diarrhea in Senior Horses

Is your older horse losing weight or suffering with chronic diarrhea? Redmond Daily Gold supplement helps with loss of appetite and diarrhea in senior horses.

Winter Horse Riding Tips | Top Picks for Cold Weather Riding Gear

Riding horses in winter is possible and enjoyable! Get tips on working horses in cold weather, staying safe, and what to wear horseback riding in winter.

Your Guide to Caring for Horses in Winter

Learn how to care for horses in winter, why they can stay out in cold weather and what you can do to keep horses warm. Also get tips for winter ice safety.

Why You Should Be Feeding Loose Salt for Horses

Is your horse ignoring its block? Switch to a natural lick and loose salt! Redmond has mined salt rocks and a full lineup of loose minerals for horses.

Trainer Tips for Treating Anxiety in Horses

Horses get anxious when traveling, competing, or learning a new job. Here are 5 tips to help horses feel calmer and naturally treat anxiety in horses.

How Much Salt to Feed Horses to Prevent Deficiency & Toxicity

Both too much and too little salt can harm horse health. Learn more about symptoms and treatments of salt toxicosis and finding the right mineral balance.

Your Questions Answered About Redmond Rock Salt for Horses

Got questions about Redmond Rock salt licks? Get answers here to help you make the best choice when picking a free-choice mineral salt rock for your horse.

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