Learn the habits and attitude of what makes a good horse rider.

Redmond Equine Blog

Read our extensive library of blog and resource articles for information about improving horse health and digestion, treating and preventing common issues like ulcers in horses, colic, diarrhea and dehydration, and many more topics.

Redmond Minerals: The Heart of Hard-Rock Mining

Learn about the Redmond salt mine in Utah, Redmond's unique culture, and how products like Redmond Real Salt are produced. Then sign up for a salt mine tour!

Why Horses Get Stressed (& What to Do About It)

Do you know how to recognize signs of stress in horses? Learn the symptoms here and get tips from professional trainers on how to calm a stressed horse.

Poultice for Horses: How to Reduce Swelling in Legs

Learn when and how to apply the best clay poultice for horses to reduce swelling in legs and help prevent injury.

How Kelly Keeps Horses' Mineral Levels Up | A Redmond Story

Kelly found Redmond Rock on a Rope salt lick gave her horse the loose minerals and equine electrolytes he needed better than a traditional salt block.

6 Tips for Taking Great Pictures of Your Horse

Ready to learn how to take good pictures of a horse? Here are 5 simple photographer tips for better pics, plus the best camera lens for horse photography.

Mineral Supplements for Horses: What Does 60+ Trace Minerals Mean?

What does it mean that Redmond horse mineral supplements contain over 60 essential minerals? And how can mined, chelated trace minerals benefit your horse?

The Secret to Connecting With Your "Heart Horse"

Have you found your heart horse? Learn the science of why horses are good therapy, what helps you bond, and how to strengthen the human-horse relationship.

How Your Horse's Redmond Rock Salt Lick Was Made

How is a Redmond Rock horse salt lick made and what's in it? Learn how nature created our salt and packed in over 60 beneficial trace minerals for horses.

Where Does Your Horse’s Salt Come From?

Looking for the best all-natural horse salt supplement? Learn how Redmond's local salt mine supplies natural, quality salt licks and loose salt for horses.

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