How to help your horse stay calm and focused.

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Read our extensive library of blog and resource articles for information about improving horse health and digestion, treating and preventing common issues like ulcers in horses, colic, diarrhea and dehydration, and many more topics.

A Vet's Guide to Feeding & Caring for Horses in Hot Weather

Horse care needs change in hot weather. Get tips for getting your horse in shape, what to feed horses in hot weather, and offering electrolytes to hydrate.

Pros Share Tips & Answer Questions About Horse Stretches

Want to help your horse stretch regularly but not sure how? Get tips from two experts who explain why stretching for horses is worthwhile, and how to do it.

21 Horse Riding Tips for Beginners & Advanced Riders

Looking for help connecting with a horse and becoming a better rider? Get helpful horse riding tips from three pros to improve your skill and horsemanship.

Why Horses Get Stressed (& What to Do About It)

Do you know how to recognize signs of stress in horses? Learn the symptoms here and get tips from professional trainers on how to calm a stressed horse.

6 Tips for Taking Great Pictures of Your Horse

Ready to learn how to take good pictures of a horse? Here are 5 simple photographer tips for better pics, plus the best camera lens for horse photography.

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