Redmond has two loose trace mineral supplements to nourish horses.

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Read our extensive library of blog and resource articles for information about improving horse health and digestion, treating and preventing common issues like ulcers in horses, colic, diarrhea and dehydration, and many more topics.

Redmond Daily Duo: Foundational Horse Mineral Supplements

Choosing the right minerals for your horse is vital. Redmond keeps it simple with two core mineral supplements that support horse gut health and hydration.

13 Crucial Vitamins & Minerals for Horses in All Life Stages

There are 13 vitamins and minerals horses typically become deficient in. Find out which and how to pick the best mineral supplement to help horses thrive.

How to Stop Weight Loss & Diarrhea in Senior Horses

Is your older horse losing weight or suffering with chronic diarrhea? Redmond Daily Gold supplement helps with loss of appetite and diarrhea in senior horses.

Winter Horse Riding Tips | Top Picks for Cold Weather Riding Gear

Riding horses in winter is possible and enjoyable! Get tips on working horses in cold weather, staying safe, and what to wear horseback riding in winter.

Your Guide to Caring for Horses in Winter

Learn how to care for horses in winter, why they can stay out in cold weather and what you can do to keep horses warm. Also get tips for winter ice safety.

Why You Should Be Feeding Loose Salt for Horses

Is your horse ignoring its block? Switch to a natural lick and loose salt! Redmond has mined salt rocks and a full lineup of loose minerals for horses.

Trainer Tips for Treating Anxiety in Horses

Horses get anxious when traveling, competing, or learning a new job. Here are 5 tips to help horses feel calmer and naturally treat anxiety in horses.

How Much Salt to Feed Horses to Prevent Deficiency & Toxicity

Both too much and too little salt can harm horse health. Learn more about symptoms and treatments of salt toxicosis and finding the right mineral balance.

Your Questions Answered About Redmond Rock Salt for Horses

Got questions about Redmond Rock salt licks? Get answers here to help you make the best choice when picking a free-choice mineral salt rock for your horse.

The Seasons Change — So Should Your Horse's Minerals!

A loose mineral salt for horses is needed year-round. Learn which horse mineral to feed each season, including a fly control mineral for horses in spring.

Causes & Signs of Ulcers in Horses & How to Prevent Them

Ulcers in horses are a common problem. Learn the baiscs of how to recognize the signs and symptoms of equine ulcers and how to prevent them naturally.

How to Get a Horse to Trust You | Tips from Julie Goodnight

It's not easy to get a horse to trust you, but it is easy to lose it. Here are three mistakes you should avoid to keep your horse's trust.

How Much Iron Is in Redmond Equine Products?

Iron requirements for horses are suggested at 500 to 1,200 mg/day. Is my horse getting too much iron in Daily Gold and Redmond Rock?

FAQ About Horses & Water | Tips to Get Your Horse Drinking

Is dehydration a worry for your horse? Water is its most vital nutrient! Get hydration tips and answers to common questions about horses drinking water.

How to Hydrate a Horse | Tips from Julie Goodnight

Some horses just won't drink enough water. So, how do you keep a finicky horse hydrated? EducatorJulie Goodnight provides helpful tips on horse hydration.

Complete Guide to Feeding Electrolytes for Horses or Salt

Salt and electrolytes are vital for horses! Learn about equine electrolytes, how to feed electrolytes to horses, and the best electrolyte paste for horses.

A Vet's Guide to Feeding & Caring for Horses in Hot Weather

Horse care needs change in hot weather. Get tips for getting your horse in shape, what to feed horses in hot weather, and offering electrolytes to hydrate.

How Taylor Got Her Dehydrated Horse to Drink | A Redmond Story

Is your horse dehydrated? Taylor's horse Jin exhibited signs of dehydration in horses. She used Redmond supplements to get her horse to drink more water.

When & How to Supplement Selenium for Horses

Discover the benefits of selenium for horses, a program to avoid both deficiency and toxicity in horses, and the best equine selenium supplement.

Iron for Horses: How Much is Too Much?

Iron is an essential trace mineral for horses. Iron overload or toxicity in horses is also a serious condition. So how much iron is too much for horses?

Pros Share Tips & Answer Questions About Horse Stretches

Want to help your horse stretch regularly but not sure how? Get tips from two experts who explain why stretching for horses is worthwhile, and how to do it.

4 Common Myths Regarding Salt Licks for Horses

Curious why horses lick salt and if your horse needs a salt block? Read these 4 myths about horse salt licks and how to provide horses sufficient minerals.

A Poultice for Horse Splints and Stocking Up | A Redmond Story

Redmond Red Edge clay poultice for horses reduces swelling in horse's legs, treats stocking up, and keeps your horse pain free and performing her best.

5 Reasons Horses Eat Dirt (and What to Do About It)

Sometimes I see my horse eating dirt. In moderation, dirt is beneficial for your horse. Here are 6 reasons why horses eat dirt, also known as geophagia or pica.

Rock Salt vs. Mineral or Salt Block for Horses—Which is Best?

Horses need access to a mineral salt block or rock salt lick. Which is best? Read about the different types of salt and mineral supplements for horses.

How to Treat and Prevent Gas Colic in Horses

Gas colic in horses is common but shouldn't be overlooked. Dr. Juliet Getty, with Getty Equine Nutrition, gives advice on how to prevent horse gas colic.

The Remedy for My Horse's Gas Colic | A Redmond Story

Sarah's horse experienced frequent episodes of serious colic and digestive trouble. Learn how Daily Gold helped her horse's symptoms improve long term.

Vet Advice: 6 Common Causes of Diarrhea in Horses & How to Treat It

Diarrhea in horses can be dangerous, leading to dehydration and weight loss, even death. Here are six common causes of horse diarrhea, and how to treat it.

Is Bentonite Clay Safe and Beneficial for My Horse?

Do you have questions about bentonite clay for horses, its benefits, use and safety? Learn all about feeding bentonite to horses or applying it externally.

How to Naturally Improve Your Horse's Gut Health

Learn about the digestive system of a horse, how to improve horse gut health, and the best ulcer and gut supplement for horses to elevate basic equine health.

Rebecca's Horses Showed Signs of Digestive Stress | A Redmond Story

Rebecca's show horses exhibited behaviors of equine ulcers, but Daily Gold Stress Relief reduced their ulcer symptoms. Learn how it can help your horse.

Loose Minerals Helped Shanon's Rescue Horse | A Redmond Story

Many horses are deficient in critical trace minerals. Redmond Rock natural salt lick and loose minerals provide horses the minerals they need for health.

Natural Horse Digestive Supplement | Redmond Daily Gold Pellets

Looking for effective digestive supplements for horses? Redmond Daily Gold pellets offer natural gastric support for horses in an easy-feed gut supplement.

How to Quickly Treat and Prevent Diarrhea in Foals

Foal diarrhea can lead to serious complications like dehydration. Learn what causes foal heat diarrhea or scours, and the best diarrhea in foals treatment.

Why Shelby Switched to Loose Horse Minerals | A Redmond Story

Horses may ignore salt blocks and become dehydrated. Redmond Rock Crushed loose mineral salt provides needed trace minerals and electrolytes for horses.

6 Tips to Keep Pesky Flies Away From Horses

Looking for ways to keep flies away from your horse? Get tips here on fly control for horses, from natural fly repellents to the best fly supplement for horses.

Do You Know How Much Garlic To Feed Horses?

Garlic has many health benefits for horses, but do you know how much garlic to feed horses? Get the right amount with Redmond Rock Crushed with Garlic.

Spring Horse Care: 11 Tips to Get Ready for Riding Season

Don't let warm weather catch you by surprise! Ensure you're ready to ride and care for horses in spring by checking off these 11 spring horse care items.

Garlic for Horses: Which Form is Best to Feed?

Garlic has many health benefits for horses and is a natural way to keep flies away. Learn about garlic and the best way of feeding it to horses.

21 Horse Riding Tips for Beginners & Advanced Riders

Looking for help connecting with a horse and becoming a better rider? Get helpful horse riding tips from three pros to improve your skill and horsemanship.

Redmond Minerals: The Heart of Hard-Rock Mining

Learn about the Redmond salt mine in Utah, Redmond's unique culture, and how products like Redmond Real Salt are produced. Then sign up for a salt mine tour!

Why Horses Get Stressed (& What to Do About It)

Do you know how to recognize signs of stress in horses? Learn the symptoms here and get tips from professional trainers on how to calm a stressed horse.

Poultice for Horses: How to Reduce Swelling in Legs

Learn when and how to apply the best clay poultice for horses to reduce swelling in legs and help prevent injury.

How Kelly Keeps Horses' Mineral Levels Up | A Redmond Story

Kelly found Redmond Rock on a Rope salt lick gave her horse the loose minerals and equine electrolytes he needed better than a traditional salt block.

6 Tips for Taking Great Pictures of Your Horse

Ready to learn how to take good pictures of a horse? Here are 5 simple photographer tips for better pics, plus the best camera lens for horse photography.

Mineral Supplements for Horses: What Does 60+ Trace Minerals Mean?

What does it mean that Redmond horse mineral supplements contain over 60 essential minerals? And how can mined, chelated trace minerals benefit your horse?

The Secret to Connecting With Your "Heart Horse"

Have you found your heart horse? Learn the science of why horses are good therapy, what helps you bond, and how to strengthen the human-horse relationship.

How Your Horse's Redmond Rock Salt Lick Was Made

How is a Redmond Rock horse salt lick made and what's in it? Learn how nature created our salt and packed in over 60 beneficial trace minerals for horses.

Where Does Your Horse’s Salt Come From?

Looking for the best all-natural horse salt supplement? Learn how Redmond's local salt mine supplies natural, quality salt licks and loose salt for horses.

The Solution for Erin's Girthy Horse | A Redmond Story

Is your horse girthy when saddled? Girthiness is a sign of digestive issues. Find out how Erin used Redmond Daily Gold to repair her horse's cinchy behavior.

Fortified Horse Minerals Stopped Nikki's Licking | A Redmond Story

Stephanie's horse suffered from pica. Learn how Redmond Daily Red loose horse minerals helped her mare stop licking and achieve a healthy mineral balance.

Redmond First Aid: Best Wound Care for Horses

Horse injuries happen! Fly bites and wounds occur on horses' legs and other areas. Be prepared with Redmond First Aid horse wound care and healing cream.

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