Natural Horse Digestive Supplement | Redmond Daily Gold Pellets

Natural Horse Digestive Supplement | Redmond Daily Gold Pellets

April 11, 2023

You want your horses to feel their very best. But travel, competing, and other stressful situations often make maintaining their digestive health challenging.

Redmond has developed a solution to help your horse achieve optimal gut health with all-natural Daily Gold Stress Relief. It works wonders on equine digestion, and hundreds of customers have shared how much they love the product! But while many horses happily consume Daily Gold powder... we understand not all do.   

That’s why we're thrilled to introduce new pelleted Daily Gold! Horses love this appetizing and natural formula. It delivers the same gastric support for horses as Daily Gold powder but in flavorful, easy-to-feed bites. Pelleted Daily Gold is perfect for picky eaters and every other equine in your barn. Let’s cover all you need to know to feel informed about feeding it to your horse.  


What is Pelleted Daily Gold Made Of?

You likely spend as much time worrying about your horse’s health as you do your ownmaybe more. Sound familiar? We feel the same way about our horses. That’s why we understand what’s not in our products is as important as what is.

Pelleted Daily Gold contains just two natural ingredients: alfalfa and Redmond bentonite (montmorillonite) clay mined from our mineral deposit in Utah, USA.  The alfalfa meal serves as an appetizing and fragrant carrier for the bentonite, making it appealing to your horse.  We believe that by keeping our ingredients simple and natural, we can help support your horse's gastric health without compromising quality. 

Ingredients in Daily Gold Pellets, a gastric supplement for horses

Why Daily Gold is the Best Horse Digestive Supplement Available

If your horse readily consumes Daily Gold Stress Relief powder, there’s no reason to switch. It delivers all the essential gastric support and natural stress relief they need. However, if you’re looking for a more palatable horse gut supplement, Daily Gold pellets are a perfect choice. So what exactly does Daily Gold do for horses? Below are some of the benefits it can offer.

1.  Improved Palatability

Pelleted Daily Gold is the solution for those picky palates! It has an appealing taste, fragrance, and texture, making it enticing for horses to eat. Did we mention it smells amazing? You’ll understand the first time you tear open a bag. The horse in this video already gets it! Pelleted Daily Gold provides the essential digestive support horses need in a convenient and tasty form.

2. Gastric Support for Horses

Daily Gold is a naturally occurring bentonite clay supplement with essential minerals that buffer stomach acid and help horses overcome digestive issues such as ulcer symptoms, lack of appetite, and frequent gas colic. This National Library of Medicine article also notes bentonite is effective at improving nutrient absorption, good gut flora, binding mycotoxins and aflatoxins, and resolving diarrhea. Daily Gold's natural healing properties make it a valuable addition to the equine diet.

3. Relief for Stressed Horses

Many horses experience ulcers and other common digestive issues that cause stress and anxiety. Daily Gold helps naturally soothe or alleviate these problems.  By reducing digestive discomfort, Daily Gold can helps horses feel better and stay focused, whether you're training for competition or simply riding in the back pasture.

4. Essential Trace Minerals

Redmond bentonite is a rich source of essential trace minerals that support health from the inside out. These minerals are vital to maintaining body structure, cell fluid balance, nerve conduction, and muscle contraction (Rutgers University). Daily Gold minerals also have external benefits! They improve hoof and coat condition, promoting a healthy shine.

5. Natural Ingredients

We believe what's not in our digestive supplement is just as important as what is. Daily Gold pellets contain only alfalfa and bentonite clay—that's it. They are a natural and rich source of minerals and vitamins, with no dyes, artificial flavors, added sugars, or fillers.

6. Convenient Feeding

The pellets are easy to handle, store, and measure. They can be mixed with feed or given as a treat, making them simple to incorporate into your horse's daily routine.

6 reasons Daily Gold is the best gastric supplement for horses.

Does My Horse Need Gastric Support?

Are you considering a digestive supplement for your horse, but unsure if he needs it? Watch for these common signs that may indicate underlying digestive issues:

  • Frequent episodes of diarrhea or constipation
  • Loss of appetite or picky eating habits
  • Signs of discomfort when being saddled or cinched
  • Frequent episodes of colic or excessive gas
  • Unusual behaviors such as cribbing, pawing, or rolling
  • Poor coat condition and weak or brittle hooves
  • Changes in behavior, such as irritability or a lack of focus

If you notice any of these signs, it's worth considering a digestive supplement to help support your horse's gut health and overall well-being. Daily Gold pellets are a natural and effective solution for of all breeds needing equine gastric support. But you don't have to take our word for it! Click the links below to read real stories from customers and experts who have experienced the benefits of Daily Gold firsthand. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Still have questions about choosing the right horse gut supplement and if Daily Gold is the answer? We've got you covered! We polled customers to better understand their common  questions while using pelleted Daily Gold. Check out the answers below to see if they can help you make an informed decision. If you still have questions, just send us a messagewe're happy to help!

Q.  Is pelleted Daily Gold a horse feed?

Like Daily Gold powder, our pellets are a horse digestion supplement. They can add to but should never replace your horse’s feed.

Q.  How should I feed the pellets?

Serve pelleted Daily Gold on its own as a snack or with other pellets or feed—most horses will love it either way! For average-sized horses (900-1400 lbs) feed the following:

  • Maintenance: 1 cup
  • Performance: 1 1/2 cups
  • Pregnant or nursing:  1 cup
  • Digestive struggles:  2 cups

Q. Can I feed both pellets and powder?

If your horse is equally happy to lick up the powder or munch on pellets, it’s fine to alternate feeding both—and there may be times it makes sense to do so. For instance, some customers find horses eat pellets more readily than powder on the road when stress and anxiety are higher.  You should not, however, feed both the powder and pellets simultaneously or at multiple feedings during the day. Choose one Daily Gold gastric supplement to feed your horse once daily.

Q. Can I use the pellets with the Stress Relief Syringe?

You bet! Feeding the pellets and occasionally administering Daily Gold paste is completely safe. Daily Gold Stress Relief Syringe soothes acute digestive symptoms like diarrhea and pain from ulcers. It can also help you improve the performance and behavior of your horse before competing, trailering, or other stressful events.

Q. Can I feed the pellets with other Redmond horse supplements?

Not only is it safe to feed Daily Gold with other Redmond products, but we recommend it! Offering your horse Daily Gold, one loose mineral salt from our Crushed lineup (original, with Garlic, or Daily Red), and a free-choice Redmond Rock/Rock on a Rope will help achieve optimum health results. Rest assured, the minerals in Redmond supplements are in trace amounts, and combining products as recommended will not create mineral toxicity

Pelleted Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief Reviews

“Pelleted Daily Gold is an excellent supplement for picky eaters! The fiber is beneficial for digestion, while Daily Gold helps improve hair coat and maintain a calm and perky attitude. This product is fantastic for those slightly overweight horses needing an all-in-one supplement without feeding more grain.” —Jessica Huntington, DVM 

“My horse has always been the pickiest eater there is until it came to Daily Gold pellets. It has been an absolute game-changer for her! She would never eat grain and would even go off hay for extended periods. The pellets have changed all of that and brought her completely around.” —Ashley Thompson  

“This Redmond product is exactly what the horse industry needed to make sure horses are ingesting Daily Gold. My horses love it, and I have peace of mind knowing they’re consuming it all. Product of the year award!” —Janet Lewis 

“We love Daily Gold pellets! My picky eater loves the alfalfa base, and these are so easy to feed at times of stress. It always stops stomach issues like loose stools and keeps my horses calm, relaxed, and ready to focus.” —Bridget Helms  

“The pellet size is perfect and it smells delightful!” —Megan Green 

“I absolutely love the Daily Gold pellets. I tried an ulcer medication and Outlast by Purina; neither made a difference. Pelleted Daily Gold has made a huge impact. My mare never tries to bite me when I cinch her anymore and she has only been on it for a month." —Amanda Childers 

Ready to Try  Pelleted Daily Gold? 

We hope we’ve answered your questions about the effectiveness, benefits, and application of Daily Gold pellets. If we haven’t, let us know! We're happy to help and always interested in your questions and feedback. 

With an affordable price point and proven results, Daily Gold is a smart choice for any horse owner looking to improve their horse's health and performance. Click below to purchase now from our online store and experience the benefits for yourself.


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