A Redmond Story: The Remedy for My Horse's Gas Colic and Equine Ulcers

June 18, 2021

Does your horse struggle with frequent episodes of gas colic, weight loss, or attitude changes?  Suspect he may have equine ulcers? Alissa Lenzora rescued a young gelding named Huckleberry that also struggled with these digestive problems. Huckleberry was despondent, malnourished, and running out of hope when Alissa saved him from a slaughter yard. Learn how she used Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief to relieve her horse's ulcer symptoms, improve his digestion and anxiety, and help him thrive. 


Meet Alissa and Her Rescue Horse Huckleberry

My husband and I set a goal for getting my first horse when we moved out to a large ten-acre property. We only had the bones of a shelter concreted into the ground when I came across the slaughter yard's photos of a lot of horses they were trying to sell.

Because of where the money goes, I had mixed feelings about rescuing a feedlot horse. I lost sleep that night thinking about one horse, though—a skinny little black gelding. I couldn't get him out of my head and felt an undeniable internal calling to rescue him.

We went through with it and brought him home to a friend's house until our shelter was completed. The horse, who we named Huckleberry, was skinny, had overgrown hooves and wanted nothing to do with people or being petted.

After a few days of haltering him and just standing quiet, offering treats and scratches, he actually started to look at and walk toward me. Once he finally realized I was there to help, we had a moment where he put his head down in front of my chest and I kissed his forehead. That moment felt like it lasted an hour! We bonded in that moment and Huckleberry accepted me as his person.

He still had an uphill climb, though. Huckleberry was emaciated and still trying to grow, and I was avidly trying to put weight on him. He had a bad habit of eating his own manure and swallowing dirt, and started showing signs of pre-ulcers and gas colic. We tried SandClear, but it only made him worse. He was stressed, spooky, flighty, and didn't even want to be petted.

I was desperate for something to provide my horse relief before calling the vet but was worried another "good for health" product might make him even worse.

Huckleberry-kissI was impressed with the reviews of Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief. I believe that less is more in most cases, so I was happy to try it before turning to stronger ulcer medication. Just a few days after using Daily Gold, Huckleberry’s symptoms started going away and he seemed to feel better. Huge sigh of relief for me! I didn't have to call the vet out, and I helped my horse without sedation, scoping or medication.

Since Huckleberry has been on Daily Gold, he hasn’t had a single recurrence of gas colic or equine ulcer symptoms. I have it sent through my SmartPak AutoShip order so we never miss a day!

Huckleberry is doing great now. He’s vocal when he sees me and greets me at the gate when I whistle. He’s enthusiastic about clicker training/ground work and he loves to groom and lick me.

I’m training Huckleberry to ride bitless and bareback because I love the connection we have. Eventually we’ll be able to ride, have fun and experience adventures together as a team!

- Alissa Lenzora


Daily Gold Resolves Symptoms of Ulcers and Gas Colic in Horses

According to this University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine paper, Huckleberry's symptoms of weight loss, attitude changes, and gas colic are classic symptoms of gastric equine ulcers. Ulcers in horses are extremely common, affecting as many as 60 to 90 percent of adult horses. 

Daily Gold Stress Relief can help. It naturally improves gas colic in horses and relieves other common ulcer symptoms. How does it work? Our Redmond-brand bentonite clay buffers acid and lowers stomach pH, relieving pain and allowing equine ulcers to heal. Daily Gold also binds toxins and improves digestion and nutrient absorption, helping horses reach a healthy weight and thrive. Plus, the 60+ natural loose minerals improve overall health and wellbeing. Try Daily Gold today as a natural remedy for horse gas colic, equine ulcers, attitude changes, weight loss, and other digestive ailments.


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