Redmond Daily Red: Crushed vs Fortified Loose Horse Minerals

Redmond Rock Crushed vs. Daily Red Loose Minerals for Horses 

With the introduction of Redmond’s Daily Red line of loose mineral salts for horses, many of you have asked what the difference is between Crushed (formerly Redmond Rock Crushed) and Fortified and if you should feed one or both.

You want to choose the best loose salt for your horse. We have info below to help you do that! Whether your equine needs a simple mineral salt or a little extra nutrient love, Redmond has options to keep your companion thriving.

First, let’s cover why it’s important to feed horses a loose mineral salt supplement, then address what sets Daily Red products apart from each other and which option is the perfect fit for your horse.

Why Do Horses Need a Loose Mineral Salt Supplement?

Many owners already provide horses with mineral salt licks like natural Redmond Rock. So is it necessary to feed a loose salt as well? Let’s briefly break down why horses need salt and minerals, and why they should get it both free choice and  fed in loose form.

Why Salt?

Water is a horse’s most important nutrient! Andhorses need saltto trigger thirst and assist fluid balance, decreasing the risk of dehydration and debilitating diseases like colic. Salt is also essential for digestion and helps fire the nerve impulses and contractions that make horses’ muscles function smoothly.

Why Minerals?

Under modern practices, many well-cared-for horses have limited turnout time and rely on the feed we provide them. Others are lucky enough to roam in pastures but often graze depleted forage. Over time,equine diets lacking diverse nutrientscan take a toll on health. Adding full-spectrum trace minerals to a horse’s diet helps fill nutrient gaps and promote wellness and a healthy appearance.

Why Loose?

Providing horses with aquality mineral lickis a great choice! However, if horses rely solely on a lick, it may leave them lacking essential salt and minerals. Supplementing their diet with a loose form—while also providing a free-choice lick for self-regulation—helps ensure they receive daily requirements.

Loose salt also improvesequine hydration. (And who doesn’t want their horse to drink more?) This Kentucky Equine Researchstudy measured horses’ voluntary intake of loose salt versus block and how it affected drinking. Horses consumed more salt and water intake went up significantly when they had access to loose salt.

For optimal results when feeding Redmond salt:

  1. Select the Daily Red loose mineral salt supplement that best suits your horse’s needs.

  2. Feed a daily serving based on weight and top-dress it on feed.

  3. Provide a free-choice Redmond Rock to cover any additional salt and mineral demands.

Which Loose Salt Supplement is Best for My Horse?

Now let’s get to the heart of your question! How do you determine which Daily Red product is right for your horse? While all Daily Red supplements are foundationally similar, each is tailored to meet different needs. Below, we outline the key ingredients, benefits to anticipate, and which type of horse each product is best suited for.

Daily Red Crushed v. Fortified Loose minerals for horses

Daily Red Crushed

Daily Red Crushedis simply crushed up Redmond Rock! The small granules make it easy for horses to consume a consistent daily amount. It’s ideal for leisure horses needing a hydration trigger and regular mineral replenishment or those already receiving a vitamin and mineral supplement.

What’s In It?

  • Pure and unrefined sea salt mined in Utah, USA
  • Full-spectrum, bioavailable trace minerals made by nature

Product Benefits

  • Triggers thirst and aids fluid balance
  • Improves wellness, body condition, and vitality

Ideal for These Horses

  • Low maintenance/low stress
  • Easy keeper
  • Picky drinker

Did You Know? Daily Red Crushed is also available with garlic! Switch from Crushed to Crushed Garlic through spring and summer to help repel flies, ticks, and other biting insects.

Daily Red Fortified

Fortifiedtakes nutritional content to the next level. While it has the same pure sea salt and foundational trace minerals found in Daily Red Crushed, it also includes a boosted mineral and vitamin package. Fortified nourishes and provides extra support for horses in every life stage or activity level.

New formula for Daily Red Fortified loose horse minerals.

What’s In It?

  • Pure and unrefined sea salt mined in Utah, USA
  • Full-spectrum trace minerals made by nature
  • Added vitamins A, D, and E
  • Boosted mineral package of cobalt, copper, iodine, manganese, selenium and zinc

Product Benefits

  • Triggers thirst and aids fluid balance
  • Improves wellness, body condition, and vitality
  • Enhances antioxidant function and energy, and supports muscles, tissues and joints
  • Supports vision, reproduction, strong bones, nerve function, and immune health

Ideal for These Horses

  • Boarded or stabled
  • Performance
  • Underweight/hardkeeper
  • Rehabilitating
  • Pregnant mares
  • Growing foals
  • Seniors

Did You Know?  Daily Red Fortified is also available with garlic! Switch from Fortified to Fortified Garlic through spring and summer to help repel flies, ticks, and other biting insects.

Experience the Daily Red Difference

We hope this has helped you better understand which Daily Red mineral salt supplement is best for your horse. If you still have questions, we’re here and happy to help!

Whether you choose Crushed or Fortified, we’re confident you’ll see the benefits in your horse. Or if for any reason you’re not satisfied, we’ll make it right through our “love it or return it” guarantee. Click below to pick up your preferred Daily Red product today.


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