Redmond Rock Crushed vs. Daily Red Loose Minerals for Horses

Redmond Rock Crushed vs. Daily Red Loose Minerals for Horses 

March 3, 2021

For thousands of years, horses have free-fed on wild grasses and natural pastureland. Horses were made to run the prairies, with the sun on their backs and green, nutrient-rich grasses going in their bellies every day. Unfortunately, today it’s not always possible to provide those ideal circumstances for our equine friends.

When we take our horses from their natural habitat and put them in a paddock or boarding stall, we limit their access to natural and diverse life-giving forage. This can lead to equine mineral deficiencies and the risk of greater health problems. Hard-working horses and equine athletes who sweat a lot are also susceptible to mineral loss. That's why it's important to offer your horse a quality mineral supplement like Redmond Rock Crushed or Daily Red.


Which Redmond Salt Mineral Supplement is Best for My Horse?

Redmond Rock Crushed and Daily Red are pure and unrefined horse mineral salt supplements. Each have 63 trace minerals and electrolytes to help bring horses back into balance and ensure they thrive in whatever circumstance they’re in.

So what is the difference between Redmond Rock Crushed and Daily Red? Which is the best for your horse? Let’s take a look at both products, the benefits they provide, and circumstances when each is indicated.

Redmond Rock Crushed

Most horses are deficient in trace minerals—even those that graze on diverse grasses and open pasture. That’s because today many natural forages lack the supply of nutrients they once had. And even horses that do have the benefit of excellent forage still lose a considerable amount of minerals and electrolytes through heat, sweat, and exertion.

Redmond Rock Crushed loose minerals is ideal for typical horses that:

  • Have access to pasture and natural forages but need additional mineral support
  • Need encouragement to stay hydrated and replenish electrolytes lost through sweat and exertion 
  • Travel or train often
  • Live in an area with harsh winters 

RR Crushed benefits

Redmond Daily Red

Many of our horses spend time in trailers, stalls and paddocks--probably more time than we (or they) would like. Boarded or stabled horses that have little or no turnout time are limited to the hay, grain, and other feeds we bring them. Over years of harvesting, many of the soils these feeds are grown in become depleted in key minerals, like selenium, calcium and copper. This depletion means lower mineral content in feed.

Additionally, harvested feeds also oxidize over time, further losing their nutritional potency. Vitamins A, D and E in particular oxidize quickly, and within six months of harvesting feed, those vitamins are nearly gone. 

Daily Red ups the ante when it comes to nutritional content. It has the same foundational blend of loose minerals in Redmond Rock Crushed, but also includes an enhanced mineral package for horses needing a nutritional leg up. Vitamins A, D (which many stabled horses lack due to minimal sun exposure), and E are also added to our formula to support vision and encourage a robust immune system, strong bones, and healthy nerve and muscle function.

The boosted balance of minerals and vitamins in Daily Red will benefit any horse, but is especially appropriate for:

  • Boarded or stabled horses
  • Performance horses
  • Nutritionally depleted horses
  • Pregnant mares
  • Growing foals

Daily Red benefits


If you’re concerned your horse is low in any mineral, has a feed deficiency, may be dehydrated, or is losing minerals through exertion, our products can help.

  • Redmond Rock Crushed is great for horses with access to diverse grasses and open pasture who still need to fill in mineral gaps.
  • Daily Red benefits horses that are boarded or stabled, hard-working, nutritionally depleted, as well as pregnant mares and growing foals.

Redmond Rock Crushed and Daily Red deliver a complete balance of electrolytes, trace minerals and vitamins necessary for better health, sharpened focus, improved endurance and a better life—whether that’s a boarding stable in the city or a wide-open pasture in the country.


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Wondering if you can or should feed Redmond Rock Crushed and Daily Red together?  Find the answer in this post.

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