A Redmond Story: How Kelly Keeps Horses' Mineral Levels Up on the Road

June 28, 2021

Salt plays an important role in stimulating horses to drink and stay hydrated. Without salt, most horses won't consume enough water on their ownespecially those that exercise hard or sweat a lot. A dehydrated horse is at risk for dangerous conditions like colic, tying up, and even death if not rehydrated quickly.

Kelly Allen's horses ran on Lasix and were also at risk for dehydration and mineral loss. She used portable Redmond Rock on a Rope to deliver the sea salt and loose minerals her horses needed and to help them stay hydrated. Read more below.


Kelly Wanted a More Portable Horse Salt Lick

My horses are fed a high-quality grain and hay, but it doesn’t include the necessary salt and minerals I know they need. They’re also given Lasix, which can cause dehydration. That’s why making sure my horses are hydrated and getting an adequate supply of minerals at home and on the road is important.


I was searching for an easy solution to keep my horses’ salt and mineral levels up while on the road. I needed something that traveled well—a mineral salt rock that was easy to move around and not bulky, which wasn’t easy to find.

I fell in love with the size of Redmond Rock on a Rope. The ease of placement with the rope is also immensely helpful when hauling in a trailer, especially since I like my horses to have access to salt 24/7.

I can make many runs now with my horses and experience zero issues of tying up or dehydration. This is a huge accomplishment!

With Redmond Rock, I no longer stress or worry about my horses staying hydrated and getting adequate salt and mineral intake on the road—plus my horses love it!

—Kelly Allen

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Natural Rock Salt, Equine Electrolytes, and  Horse Minerals

Redmond Rock on a Rope is a handy way to help bring your horses back into natural mineral balance and ensure they're drinking enough water. It has 60+ loose minerals and electrolytes for horses. Plus, a tri-colored rope makes it easy to tie our rock to a gate, stall, fencepost, or trailer. Horses love to use our rocks as boredom busters, and they're great as a healthy alternative to candy balls. Help entertain your horses and make sure they're getting the salt, electrolytes, and trace minerals needed to stay hydrated and healthy. Click below to shop now!


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