I feel a little like the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding who used Windex for everything, but I LOVE First Aid clay by Redmond. Now I reach for it first. 

For example, my Arabian gets awful, raw rub spots from laying down on the front of his fetlock if I don’t get his upside-down overreach boots on early enough in the spring.  This year I couldn’t get his sores to heal.  Finally, I decided to try First Aid clay on a square of Derma Cloth. I wrapped it with vet wrap, left it for four days, and when I took the wraps off, the sores were healed. 

Adjoining my property is 10 acres where an elderly lady who owns the property lets sheep and two cows graze on her pasture.  One morning when I was feeding my herd, I noticed one of the little calves had a really long, deep gash that cut all the way through the skin.  It looked awful. 

I immediately knocked on the woman's door and let her know. She is elderly and the situation must have felt overwhelming to her, because the next morning I noticed nothing had been done about the calf. I watched for a few days, and when I still saw no treatments, I went to my first aid kit and looked at my products. 

I grabbed my Redmond First Aid and (yes, I was feeding them) when the calf came to me, I put a bunch of clay on his gash.  Now I do it every morning.  He must associate it with pain relief, because when I reach over to put the clay on, he leans his side towards me.

Another time I was out weeding and pulled a lot of milkweed.  My arms started burning unbearably. I ran in the house and washed them, and as I glanced down I saw some First Aid sitting right there on the counter. Out of desperation I put some on, and my arms instantly stopped burning. 

I had a really bad mosquito bite when I came in from watering the plants last night, and, yes, I reached for the First Aid. I hate sounding like an advertisement, but I really am hooked on this stuff.

-Jolene Green