Redmond First Aid: Best Wound Care for Horses

February 3, 2022

Horse injuries happen—on the trail, in the barn or paddock, and sometimes when you least expect it. Cuts, bites, burns and other wounds often occur on horses' legs, face, and other areas. It's smart to be prepared with some simple first aid measuresand a good wound healing creamto prevent infection, scarring, and other damage.

Jo Green, her horse, and other livestock are hooked on Redmond First Aid for natural wound care. She reaches for it first to quickly heal anything from nasty cuts to annoying bites—on her animals and herself. Read her story below! 


How Jo Uses Redmond First Aid for Horse Injuries & More

"I feel a little like the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding who used Windex for everything, but I LOVE Redmond First Aid."

My Arabian, Mharquis, is my first horse. We were both rookies together and have learned a lot. Mharquis is now a level 4 Parelli horse, and we can jump bareback and play at liberty without halter or lead rope. Of all of this, however, it turns out he loves endurance riding the most.

Recently Mharquis had a saddle slippage event and was left with bruises and scrapes from the stirrups hitting his inner rear legs as he ran away. I put Redmond First Aid all over his legs to pull out any dirt or infection, act as a poultice, and take down the swelling.

Mharquis also gets awful raw rub spots  on the front of his fetlock if I don’t get his  overreach boots on early enough in the spring.  This year I couldn’t get his sores to heal. Finally, I tried Redmond First Aid on a square of Derma Cloth. I wrapped it with vet wrap and left it for four days. When I took the wraps off, the sores were healed! 

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I came to trust and love Redmond First Aid wound cream after repeatedly applying it to the little calf in the field behind my property. He had an eight-inch gash on his leg that went down to the bone, and the wound was oozing infection and ugly with flies.

I slipped over the fence every day, fed the calf a little hay and put clay on the cut.  In a few weeks the wound was completely healed.  He clearly associated my daily ministrations with pain relief, because every morning he walked up and turned his side toward me. 

I love Redmond First Aid, and I love the results! I love it so much, in fact, I even use it on myself. While pulling milkweed in the garden recently, my arms suddenly felt on fire. I ran into the house and washed like crazy, but it didn’t help. A bottle of First Aid was on the windowsill, so I grabbed it and dabbed it on my arms. The burning stopped instantly. 

Last night I had a really bad mosquito bite when I came in from watering the plants. And, yes, I reached for the Redmond First Aid. I hate sounding like an advertisement, but I really am hooked on this stuff.

-Jolene Green

Why Redmond Bentonite Clay Heals

Redmond First Aid wound healing cream is completely natural. It's just hydrated bentonite clay—which people have used as an diverse healing clay for thousands of years. First Aid goes to work quickly. It soothes on contact, then draws out heat and infection from wounds, relieving pain. It also seals the affected area, creating a protective barrier against bacteria and flies. Unsightly proud flesh is  prevented from forming on horses as healing occurs, resulting in a clean, rapid repair. Learn more about the healing properties of bentonite clayand why Redmond clay is so effectivein this blog.

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When to Use Redmond First Aid Wound Cream

Redmond First Aid is handy for many situations. Keep it close by in your barn, trailer, or saddlebags. It safely and effectively treats a number of horse injuries, including:

  • Sores
  • Open wounds
  • Skin irritations
  • Rope burns
  • Bites and stings

Don't forget, Redmond First Aid works great on people too! It's a handy go-to ointment for both you and your horse. Click below to shop and make First Aid your first choice for natural healing.


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