Switch to Redmond salt with garlic for horses in spring--an effective fly control mineral for horses.

Redmond Equine Blog

Read our extensive library of blog and resource articles for information about improving horse health and digestion, treating and preventing common issues like ulcers in horses, colic, diarrhea and dehydration, and many more topics.

Causes & Signs of Ulcers in Horses & How to Prevent Them

Ulcers in horses are a common problem. Learn the baiscs of how to recognize the signs and symptoms of equine ulcers and how to prevent them naturally.

How to Get a Horse to Trust You | Tips from Julie Goodnight

It's not easy to get a horse to trust you, but it is easy to lose it. Here are three mistakes you should avoid to keep your horse's trust.

How Much Iron Is in Redmond Equine Products?

Iron requirements for horses are suggested at 500 to 1,200 mg/day. Is my horse getting too much iron in Daily Gold and Redmond Rock?

FAQ About Horses & Water | Tips to Get Your Horse Drinking

Is dehydration a worry for your horse? Water is its most vital nutrient! Get hydration tips and answers to common questions about horses drinking water.

How to Hydrate a Horse | Tips from Julie Goodnight

Some horses just won't drink enough water. So, how do you keep a finicky horse hydrated? EducatorJulie Goodnight provides helpful tips on horse hydration.

Complete Guide to Feeding Electrolytes for Horses or Salt

Salt and electrolytes are vital for horses! Learn about equine electrolytes, how to feed electrolytes to horses, and the best electrolyte paste for horses.

A Vet's Guide to Feeding & Caring for Horses in Hot Weather

Horse care needs change in hot weather. Get tips for getting your horse in shape, what to feed horses in hot weather, and offering electrolytes to hydrate.

How Taylor Got Her Dehydrated Horse to Drink | A Redmond Story

Is your horse dehydrated? Taylor's horse Jin exhibited signs of dehydration in horses. She used Redmond supplements to get her horse to drink more water.

When & How to Supplement Selenium for Horses

Discover the benefits of selenium for horses, a program to avoid both deficiency and toxicity in horses, and the best equine selenium supplement.

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