A Redmond Story:  How Rein Water Helped Dana's Dehydrated Horse

June 28, 2021

Getting a horse to drink water can sometimes feel like a frustrating wrangle or a helpless guessing game. They need the water, so why won't they drink? Is it the taste they don't like, the smell of a new bucket? Are they stressed? Or is your horse just simply not interested? 

Dana Michaud's horse was not drinking enough water, and they went the rounds whenever she tried to give him electrolytes in a syringe. Read how Redmond Rein Water thirst quencher ended Dana's worries and now keeps her horse hydrated. 


Meet Dana and Macs Double Exposure

Macs Double Exposure, aka Expo, and I have a very close relationship. My horse and I are a team. He’s very respectful, and I trust him with my life.

Expo’s also a goofball—a real in-your-pocket kind of guy. He comes when called, gives kisses and poses for the camera. The one thing my horse turned his nose up at, however, was water. He just didn’t like to drink.

I tried giving him horse electrolytes via oral syringe, and it was nerve-racking. I always knew I was in for a fight to get him to accept the syringe. I had to find a different solution to administer the nutrients and electrolytes my horse needed.

8FFAA31F-7C6F-4F26-9FB4-056C60AC05BEI decided to give Redmond Rein Water a try after the product came in at the feed store where I worked. Expo never drank when I had given electrolytes before, but when I added powdered Rein Water to his daily regimen, he changed all of his drinking habits. Rein Water worked—immediately! The moment I added it to his water, he started drinking. He loved it!

I’m no longer worried about how much my horse is drinking, and we’re not struggling with a syringe anymore. Expo now drinks all the time. In fact, he prefers Rein Water over regular water, and will drink until it’s completely gone.

It’s made traveling easier too. We recently hauled from California to Florida, and Expo had his Rein Water available the whole way to make sure he stayed hydrated. Redmond Equine is amazing, and we love your product so much!

-Dana Michaud

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Natural Equine Electrolytes and Loose Minerals for Horses

Rein Water is a proprietary mineral additive for horses' water that includes 60+ Redmond trace minerals, salt, and Daily Gold.  It mixes easily in water and gives your horse electrolytes needed to stave off dehydration and stay healthy. Our all-natural thirst quencher encourages horses to drink by masking the taste of treated or "away" water and increasing pH. Rein Water is great anytime but especially when traveling. Click below to try a hydration sample pack that includes five packets of Rein Water!


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