Can I Feed Daily Gold and Redmond Rock Crushed Together?

March 4, 2021

At Redmond Equine, we've received questions from you asking if it's safe to feed Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief and Redmond Rock Crushed together. The short answer is yes!  It's completely safe, and even recommended, that you feed Daily Gold with another Redmond loose mineral product.

To help you be more informed, however, and feel good about feeding these two great supplements, we’d like to share some helpful information about each product. Let's talk about Daily Gold and Redmond Rock Crushed, what they do, and why they're safe to give in tandem to your horse.


What Do These Two Redmond Horse Mineral Supplements Do?

While Redmond Rock Crushed and Daily Gold are both loose mineral products, they're used for different purposes and have different health benefits. Let's look at what they do and how they interact.

Daily Gold Stress Relief

Daily Gold Stress Relief is made from Redmond’s own montmorillonite clay. It has amazing detoxifying abilities, improves gut health, and helps heal equine ulcers and eliminate diarrhea. Plus, it contains dozens of naturally-occurring trace minerals. Daily Gold also improves a horse's focus by eliminating pain stemming from ulcers and digestive upset.

Daily Gold benefits

Redmond Rock Crushed

Redmond Rock Crushed is our natural and unrefined loose mineral sea salt for horses. Crushed triggers your horse's thirst response and provides all the essential minerals and electrolytes your horse needs to stay hydrated and healthy.

RR Crushed benefits

Can I Feed Both Loose Mineral Products to My Horse?

It's a good question.  Is it safe and effective to feed both Daily Gold and Crushed to your horse? Here are two common questions we receive from customers on this topic, and the answers.

Q.  Since Daily Gold is montmorillonite clay, will it counteract, absorb, or lessen the mineral benefits of Crushed? 

No.  In our experience—and in hearing from many customers—Daily Gold actually improves the effectiveness of other natural equine supplements. That includes Redmond Rock Crushed mineral salt. We believe that's because of Daily Gold’s ability to improve digestive function which enhances nutrient and mineral absorption. 

Not only is it harmless to feed these products in tandem, but they actually work better when given together.

Q. Will I give my horse too many loose minerals by feeding both Redmond Daily Gold and Crushed?

No.  Rest assured, you will not over-mineralize your horse if you're feeding both Daily Gold and Crushed. 

While both  contain the same blend of naturally occurring minerals—63 to be exact—our products contain trace amounts of those minerals. That means even if you feed Daily Gold and Crushed together, the combined mineral percentages are still far below the daily allowances. (See our mineral analysis tables for both Redmond Rock Crushed and Daily Gold.)

Because most horses today are deficient in minerals, most will benefit from the extra boost from both products to replace trace minerals lost through sweat, exertion or inferior feed.


If you and your horse are fans of Daily Gold and Redmond Rock Crushed, feed on! These two natural, balanced products are completely safe and work in perfect harmony together—as nature intended.


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