We all have strong feelings for, and relationships with our horses, so when we hear of starving abandoned and abused horses, we are devastated.

Redmond likes to support and aid rescue horses when we can.

One of our associates recently wrote  this poem as a reaction to hearing of yet more horses found abandoned and starving recently…

It’s Not Just A Horse

It is not just a horse..that can be tossed out the way,

The Shire who labors 10 hours day,

The pony who galloped full stretch with the mail,

The partner who carried us miles on the trail,

The  dressage dancer who inspires us to try,

The  athlete whose heart reminds us to fly,

The companion who nurtures and comforts our soul,

Melts our heart as she delivers a foal.

The courageous warrior who fought for our land,

It’s not just a horse…. He is our right hand.

He has the patience to let our kids learn,

With those soft brown eyes, absorbs our concerns,

He is the pommel upon which our kids vault,

The teacher when we are clearly at fault,

Look in her eyes you can see how she feels,

Its is not just A horse….God sent her to heal.