Redmond Daily Duo: Foundational Horse Mineral Supplements

When it comes to mineral supplements for horses, there are a lot of products out there—and a lot of ways to misstep. Your horse’s health is too important to guess what they need. But it’s easy to get lost in the options and either overspend your budget or over-supplement your horse.

So how do you know what equine products are best? We can clear up the confusion and help you step back and simplify. The fundamental nature of Redmond products goes way beyond supplementation—they provide the building blocks of life!

For elevating core horse health, we recommend two foundational supplements we call the Daily Duo. Let’s talk about how to keep it simple, salty, and gutsy with Redmond—while giving horses more of what matters.


Build Your Horse’s Health on 2 All-Natural Mineral Supplements

Redmond Daily Duo horse mineral supplements are natural, effective, affordable, and always support total health. Every horse needs the essential support they offer, and many owners have made Redmond the foundation of their equine care regimen. You can also build a program to meet your horse’s needs. Here’s how in two simple steps.

Redmond Daily Duo - foundational horse mineral supplements

1. Start with a Daily Red Loose Salt

Water is a horse’s most important nutrient! And horses need salt to trigger thirst and improve fluid balance, decreasing the risk of dehydration and debilitating diseases like colic. Salt also operates like a chemical battery, firing the nerve impulses and contractions that make horses’ muscles move smoothly.

Natural Daily Red is an excellent salt and mineral supplement for horses. It helps hydrate, improves performance, and brings horses back into healthy mineral balance. All our Daily Red products start with this solid Redmond foundation originating from ournatural salt rock:

  • Pure, ancient sea salt
  • Full-spectrum, bioavailable trace minerals
  • Mined in Utah, USA, from one protected source

The Daily Red loose salt lineup of products includes:

  • Daily Red Crushed: Salt and full-spectrum sea minerals for horses.
  • Daily Red Fortified: Salt and full-spectrum sea minerals; a boosted mineral package of zinc, manganese, copper, iodine, selenium, and cobalt; and added vitamins A, D and organic E.

Redmond Daily Red Crushed vs. Fortified mineral salt for horses.

  • Daily Red Crushed Garlic: Salt and full-spectrum, bioavailable sea minerals; bioidentical garlic oil for seasonal fly control.
  • Daily Red Fortified Garlic: Salt and full-spectrum sea minerals; a boosted mineral package of zinc, manganese, copper, iodine, selenium, and cobalt; added vitamins A, D and natural E; and bioidentical garlic oil for seasonal fly control.

Redmond Daily Red Crushed Garlic vs. Fortified Garlic loose minerals for horses

Pick the loose mineral product that best meets your horse’s needs. Then add it to feed to ensure horses receive a complete offering of salt and essential minerals every day.

Add a Redmond Rock

Round off your mineral salt regimen with aRedmond Rock. Our natural salt licks are packed with the same foundational sea minerals as Daily Red but are offered free choice to help horses self-regulate. They satisfy hard-working horses’ additional mineral and salt needs as their days demand. TryRock on a Ropefor traveling—it ties anywhere and works great as a stall enrichment or boredom buster.

2. Choose a Daily Gold Gut Supplement

Nurturingequine gut healthisn’t just a good idea–it’s the secret to your horse’s core comfort! Better health starts in the digestive system, where trillions of microorganisms live. A balanced gut microbiota keeps digestion in check, nutrients flowing, and unwanted guests (like harmful mycotoxins) at bay.

Daily Gold Stress Reliefis our natural bentonite clay gut supplement for horses that improves digestive function and efficiency. It buffers acid, binds harmful toxins that damage the gut, resolves horse diarrhea, helps beneficial bacteria thrive, and improves nutrient absorption.

Daily Gold helps stressed horses get back to good health and maintain a steady gut. It also helps prevent digestive problems in healthy horses. Think of it as your horse’s first line of defense against health challenges.

All Daily Gold horse digestive supplements share this simple and effective foundational formula:

  • Pure and unrefined Redmond bentonite clay
  • Full-spectrum, bioavailable trace minerals
  • Clay mined in Utah from one protected source

The Daily Gold lineup of products include:

  • Daily Gold powder (typically fed as a top-dress)
  • Daily Gold pellets (can be fed on its own)

Daily Gold powder vs. pellets digestive supplement for horses.

How the Daily Duo Works Together for Good

We’ve covered how Daily Red and Daily Gold work individually. So, what if you’re considering feeding just one product, not both? Will your horse still get valuable benefits? Absolutely. Each product works great to provide the targeted benefits it offers.

However, Daily Gold and Daily Red work best when fed together. Combined, these all-natural horse products support total health and vitality with natural simplicity. In short, the Daily Duo are a heroic team! Here is why and how.

Bioavailable Trace Minerals

Minerals are vital to horse health and assist in nearly every physiological function. The trace minerals in Daily Red and Daily Gold formed from ancient seawater and volcanic ash. Balanced by nature, these sea minerals easily absorb and work together in the equine body to promote wellness, vitality, and a healthy appearance from head to tail.

Comprehensive Hydration

Daily Red loose mineral salt promotes healthy nerve and muscle function andencourages drinking in horses.Better hydration is critical to good gut health and preventing colic and other debilitating digestive issues.

Superior Gut Performance

Made with bentonite clay, Daily Gold buffers acid and binds mycotoxins that disrupt gut function. Its buffering and binding powers help beneficial bacteria thrive while improving digestion and resolving diarrhea.

Powerful Nutrient Absorption

Studies in this NCBI article show while bentonite can absorb toxins, impurities, and harmful bacteria, it enhances the absorption of minerals and other nutrients. It does so by increasing good gut flora, helping intestinal villi grow, and improving digestion. Daily Gold is safe with and boosts the effectiveness of other nutrients and supplements, including Daily Red.

Natural Goodness from Utah

Our pure sea salt and bentonite clay are mined directly from Redmond’s protected and unpolluted deposit in Redmond, Utah—a tiny town full of goodness! Every supplement is free of fillers and funny stuff; containing only simple nutrients your horse’s body knows exactly what to do with.

Better Health for Less

Elevate equine health with less money and fewer supplements. At an average combined base cost of $1.20 per day, Daily Gold and Daily Red equip horses with essential salt, minerals, and natural digestive support for stronger core health that's affordable.

Take the Redmond Challenge

Now that you know the steps to both simplify and  build your horse’s health program, we invite you to take the Redmond challenge.

Pick your preferred Daily Duo products then watch the improvements in your horse’s health, appearance, and attitude. If you don’t notice positive changes or are unsatisfied for any reason, we’ll replace the products or refund your money through our “love it or return it” guarantee.

Take the guesswork out of equine nutrition—keep your horse’s supplements simple, effective, and affordable with Redmond. Click below to buy your products and build a foundation for a healthier, happier, higher-performing horse.


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