Redmond Daily Gold: Cost-Effective Treatment for Equine Ulcers

June 10, 2021

Ulcers are a common problem in performance horses, including therapy animals. Equine ulcers are sores that form on the stomach lining, and are created by too much gastric acid. They can be difficult and expensive to cure long-term when using pharmaceutical/medical treatment. 

Daily Gold Stress Relief offers an affordable and effective alternative to pricey drugs used to treat stomach ulcers in horses.  Daily Gold buffers acid, soothes digestive pain, and repairs ulcers naturally--and costs only around $25 a month! Read how one therapeutic riding center in Massachusetts uses Daily Gold to keep their therapy animals calm, comfortable, and ulcer free.


Meet Lauren from BINA Farm Center, a Therapeutic Riding Facility

I'm the equine manager at a nonprofit therapeutic riding facility in Massachusetts. We have 14 horses in our program and about 90 riders a week. I recently put our horses on Redmond Daily Gold (having had previous success with my own personal horse) and have already seen a major difference in all of them. Their coats are shiny, they’re all so relaxed, and their stomachs are doing great, especially our horses with a history of ulcers. We are absolutely loving the Daily Gold Stress Relief!The life of a therapeutic horse can be very stressful at times, but with the addition of the Daily Gold in our horses' diet, we've been able to see a great improvement in attitude and a decrease of ulcer-like symptoms. We have everything from a sensitive OTTB, to a Shetland with Cushing's disease, to a very ulcer-prone Quarter Horse, and everything in between.

Unfortunately, we had a large number of our horses with ulcers, and had done rounds of UlcerGard and ranitidine. With the addition of Daily Gold, we have been able to reduce the number of horses on ranitidine from eight down to two, and have had no issues of ulcers returning. Not only has this treatment been cost effective, but it has the added benefit of shiny, healthy coats!

With all of the crazy weather changes Massachusetts has this time of year, we are comforted that Daily Gold helps keep our horses' digestive tracts moving smoothly. We absolutely recommend Daily Gold to anyone and everyone looking for help with ulcer-prone horses. It keeps the symptoms at bay and has the added benefit of helping your horse get the daily minerals needed for a healthy diet. Overall, this is a wonderful product that we can’t say enough good  about. Thank you for helping keep our horses happy, healthy, and looking great!

- Lauren Fischelis, Advanced PATH International instructor and equine manager at

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Daily Gold Reduces Stomach Ulcers in Horses and Delivers 60+ Loose Minerals

Redmond Daily Gold supplement helped Lauren's horses, and it can help yours too! Not only is it effective equine ulcer treatment, but it also improves horse health and performance with 60+ loose trace minerals naturally found in our unrefined bentonite clay.  See a complete mineral analysis here. Make Daily Gold a daily part of your horse care routine, and find exceptional ulcer treatment, prevention, and a complete spectrum of balanced minerals your horse needs.


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