A Redmond Story:  How Sami Solved Her Horse's Equine  Ulcers

April 20, 2021

Does your horse struggle with cribbing or become cinchy when saddled? Has she lost focus or developed a bad attitude? These behaviors are common with equine ulcers. 

Sami Stackhouse's  horse exhibited these same ulcer symptoms, but no treatments they tried helped long-term. Learn how Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief drastically reduced this horse's ulcers and how it can help your horse.


Meet Sami and Her Mare

“Cinchy” should have been my mare’s nickname. Every time I saddled my horse she’d pin her ears and bite at the trailer or whatever was in front of her. This is my best horse my good horse so her comfort is really important to me. I couldn't understand why she wouldn’t settle, and I was concerned.
My mare is a bleeder and loses a lot of nutrients through Lasix, so at first I thought her grouchiness was due to sore lungs. When the girthiness and grouchiness continued, I worried she might have ulcers, and she did. My horse was treated and things got better... but didn’t stay better.
I was discouraged I’d tried everything! My mare was in pain, and I felt helpless. I took her to vets, who said to put her on this, that, and the other, but I couldn’t afford their recommendations. So I just prayed.
Sami's barrel horse struggled with equine ulcers.
That’s when I found Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief. Within just two weeks of starting Daily Gold, I noticed a difference in my horse. When I saddled her, she just stood at the trailer, completely calm. Now, today, she doesn’t even flinch when saddling, which is a miracle.
I also started giving Daily Gold to my 4-year-old futurity mare, and she stays calm on the road and anywhere I take her. I now have all my horses on this product, and stand behind it 110%.
My horses also have 24/7 access to Redmond Rock on a Rope, which is another product I love. It has 60+ trace minerals my horses can’t get enough of. They look and feel better than they ever have maintaining health and body condition even during our hot Georgia weather.
I couldn’t have helped my horses improve their health without Redmond. Their products are affordable and life-changing for horses.

– Sami Stackhouse

Ulcers in Horses Are a Common Problem

Ulcers are sores that form on the stomach lining and can cause a great deal of digestive pain. They're a worrisome and, unfortunately, common condition among horses.  

A UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine article estimates between 50 and 90 percent of horses have ulcers. That's a staggering number. The highest percentage  occurs in performance horses (like Sami's barrel horse) who experience more physical and mental stress. Amy Young, author of the article, states this about equine ulcers:

"They can affect any horse at any age but occur most frequently in horses that perform athletic activities such as racing, endurance, and showing. Researchers have found that exercise increases gastric acid production and decreases blood flow to the GI tract. In addition, when horses exercise, the acidic fluid in the stomach splashes and exposes the upper, more vulnerable portion of the stomach to an acidic pH."

Acid buildup in a horse's stomach is the main cause of ulcers. Young said "a horse’s stomach produces acid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week up to 9 gallons of acidic fluid per day." Physical and environmental stressors and diets high in grain and low in natural roughage from grazing also contribute. 

ulcer symptoms in horses

What Are the Signs of Ulcers in Horses?

Every horse exhibits digestive stress and discomfort differently, but there are some typical behaviors to watch for to tell if your horse has ulcers.  Here are ten mentioned by Young:

  • Dullness
  • Poor appetite
  • Attitude changes
  • Decreased performance
  • Reluctance to train
  • Poor body condition
  • Poor hair coat
  • Weight loss
  • Low-grade colic
  • Girthiness

3 Ways Daily Gold Resolves Equine Ulcer Symptoms

We recognize you want the best for your horse and worry when she's in poor health.  All-natural Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief can help get your horse back to her best self physically and mentally. Here are three ways Daily Gold delivers horse ulcer prevention and treatment.

1. Digestive Health

Daily Gold naturally buffers stomach acid and balances pH. It soothes and repairs painful ulcers, helping your horse feel better and stay healthier. 

2. Calming Solution                           

When your horse is dealing with digestive discomfort, it can create stress,  anxiety, and a poor attitude. Daily Gold delivers relief, helping your horse feel calm and relaxed again.

3. Improves Focus

A horse that's fixed on digestive pain can’t keep her attention on the work at hand. Daily Gold resolves digestion difficulties and enables your horse to stay focused.

Like Sami, you can get your horse feeling healthy, happy, and focused again. Choose Daily Gold for a natural horse ulcer treatment that heals and helps you connect with your horse.


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