Rock Salt vs. Mineral Blocks: Which is Best for My Horse?

April 14, 2021

All horses need salt and minerals in their diet. They're necessary to regulate fluids, combat dehydration, and maintain nerve health and muscle contraction. Salt is also essential to triggering your horse to drink. For these reasons and more, horses need access to a quality mineral salt block or rock salt lick. But which is best for your horse? Let's talk about the benefits of manufactured horse blocks versus mineral salt rocks.


Which Mineral Salt Lick is Best for my Horse?

There are a lot of horse licks out there. So which is best? Should you choose a mineralized pressed block or a natural mineral rock? And since we’re talking mineral rocks, is Himalayan rock or Redmond Rock better? Is there really a difference?

Let’s talk about horse salt blocks and salt rocks, and why we believe Redmond Rock is the absolute best source of salt, minerals, and electrolytes available for horses.

Pressed Mineral Block for Horses

Salt and mineral blocks are heat-pressed, manmade licks. Most contain around 90% salt, with 6 to 8 trace minerals added in. So why is a manmade block an inferior choice as a horse salt and mineral supplement?

  • Pressed blocks only contain a fraction (6 to 8) of the full spectrum of trace minerals horses need for optimum health.
  • Horses often resort to chewing blocks to get more mineral quantity.
  • Some contain unnecessary fillers or dyes (like those blue horse blocks).
  • Many contain sweeteners to improve palatability and entice licking.
  • Pressed salt blocks dissolve quickly in humidity or wet weather.
Natural Rock Salt for Horses

Redmond Rock and Himalayan rock are both solid, unrefined sea salt rocks. Both are mined deep in the earth and contain electrolytes and a plethora of beneficial trace minerals for horses. Both are natural horse salt licks and better options than a manmade salt block.

So is Redmond Rock salt a better choice than a Himalayan rock? Yes, we think so! Here’s why:

  • 100% of Redmond sea salt rock is mined from our Jurassic Period mineral deposit in Central Utah and packaged right here in the USA.
  • Redmond Rock contains around 93% salt and 7% natural mineral content compared to 3% mineral content of most Pakistani-mined Himalayan rock.

Other benefits of Redmond Rock:

  • Contains equine electrolytes that help horses avoid becoming dehydrated.
  • Packed with 63 trace minerals to nourish horses. (See this table for a complete mineral analysis.)
  • Our minerals are created by nature and come in the right balance horses need.
  • Holds up better in wet weather than pressed blocks.
  • In taste tests, horses prefer Redmond Rock to manmade blocks.

262223671_424255902667608_4559218430685125506_nRedmond Rock Salt Success Story

We believe Redmond Rock is simply the best natural mineral lick available for horses. Over the last 20 years we’ve heard many horse owners express how our rock improves mineral balance, provides horses a natural trigger to drink, and combats horse dehydration and colic. Here is Becky Imbornoni’s story of using Redmond Rock to help a colicing horse.

Redmond Rock Cured KC’s Colic

Another boarder’s mare, KC, was experiencing a bout of colic. KC had undergone the usual treatment and was receiving horse IV fluids because she wouldn’t drink and was growing dehydrated. This had been going on for several hours and caused a lot of stress, especially to the owner, who felt helpless.

I tried to be supportive and offered my friend one of my Redmond salt rocks. I told her how my horse loved them, and maybe it would encourage her mare to drink. She accepted my offer, figuring it couldn’t hurt, as she’d already unsuccessfully tried several things to help her horse, including molasses in her water and a wet mash.


I brought a Redmond Rock on a Rope and hung it in KC’s stall. Immediately she started licking it. The horse owner was impressed because she said her horse normally doesn’t like salt licks. She was so thrilled she was in tears!

She texted me about an hour later to tell me that KC drank, and later that evening finished the bucket. She was so grateful and swore that because of the Redmond Rock, her horse no longer needed IV fluids and was on the mend.

I am a big fan of Redmond Rock and believe you may have another loyal customer.

--Becky Imbornoni 

Have You Tried Redmond Rock on a Rope?

Looking for a versatile and travel-friendly mineral rock for your horse? Try Redmond Rock on a Rope! It provides all the same benefits, equine electrolytes, and 63 trace minerals as original Redmond Rock—but comes on a handy hemp rope. Our smaller-sized salt rock is great for hanging in your horse’s stall, tying to a gate, or traveling in your trailer.

How to Use Rock on a Rope (ROR)

  • Tie ROR tight against a post to make it easy for horses to lick.
  • Hang ROR slack in a stall as a healthy alternative to candy balls and boredom busters.
  • Tie ROR to a fence outdoors to keep it out of the dirt and mud.
  • Tie ROR low on a gate so horses can lick and maintain their natural foraging posture.


Learn More

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