Sitting on my back deck this beautiful afternoon, I’m taking a look at the latest trail rides posted up on Redmond’s Fave Ride site. We ride in some truly amazing places, and I feel a bond with the riders who took each picture. I don’t know them personally, but I feel linked with them through their experiences while dreaming of where I might be taking my own horse next.

We are so fortunate to have our horse partners. These beautiful creatures trust us to lead them up unknown mountains or terrain. We feel their steady breath under our seat and legs, and our shoulders relax. When I’m out with my mare Lexi, I leave my routine and stress behind at the barn. The sound of her gentle walk soothes me, and I start to see immense beauty in the land and sky around me.

If I’m really lucky, I have someone there to experience the day with me. Maybe it’s my daughter or maybe it’s another dear friend. Sharing my ride adds another precious connection to the world I live in. I learn something new about life, friendships, Mother Nature and horses by seeing it through someone else’s eyes.


Best of all, being out on the trail allows me to connect back to myself. It’s easy to wake up, get moving on everyday life and eventually get some rest only to do it all over again the next day. But out on the trail, I feel free enough to think differently and reflect deeply. With nature’s inspiration and my horse’s encouragement, I’ve made some pretty big decisions while in the saddle. I’ve taken steps to open up my heart, found courage I didn’t know I had, and been liberated into the grace of my life.

As summer moves into fall, get out and ride as much as you can. Allow yourself to connect with the profound beauty and undying grace that surrounds us.


Michelle Jacob