A Redmond Story: A Poultice

for Horse Splints and Stocking Up

August 12, 2021

Most riders have headed out to the stall or pasture to saddle up and found their horse's lower legs swollen and hot. Horses' legs are sensitive and vulnerable to injury and swelling--or what's known as stocking up. What causes it? Typical reasons include hauling, stall confinement, lack of exercise, strenuous exercise without a proper cool down, or injury.  While swelling is usually temporary, it does affect a horse's abilities, output, performance, and can lead to further injury.

So what can you do to help your horse? Allie Kidd-Dragula's mare suffered routinely from stocking up after competing or lack of exercise. She found a natural and effective solution in Redmond Red Edge poultice. Keep reading to learn how it improved the health of her horse's legs!


Meet Allie and her Mare Clarity

allieMy mare Clarity works incredibly hard for me and tries her best to do anything I ask of her. We compete together in the California Gymkhana Association as well as barrel racing at local jackpots and rodeos. The bond that’s created between me and my horse as we work and compete is, to me, truly incredible.

Clarity has splints and scar tissue in both her back legs, however, and this condition sometimes affects her output. Her legs would often get swollen and hot after competition or when she hadn’t been worked in a while.

I didn’t want my horse to be in pain and I wanted her to be able to perform her best. I tried using different products to help Clarity’s legs, but nothing made a noticeable difference. I could find stuff to help the heat, but it never reduced the swelling.

Redmond Red Edge poultice is the only product I’ve found that actually greatly reduced my horse’s swelling. The first time I used it, I took Clarity’s wraps off and was so happy to find her legs weren’t swollen and there was no heat! When we rode, she also wasn’t as stiff and seemed more relaxed.

Clarity’s legs look and feel so much better now, and I don’t worry about her getting stocked up or swollen after a run or time off.

- Allie Kidd-Dragula

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Does Your Horse Need a Poultice?

How do you know if your horse would benefit from a poultice? Any hint of limping, your horse favoring a leg, or infection is a red flag and of course should be checked out immediately. More subtle signs of stress or injury can be recognized and caught early by examining your horse’s legs often, especially after strenuous exercise. Once your horse has cooled down, run your hands over their legs. Pay close attention to the knees, hocks, and fetlocks looking for these specific signs of stress or injury:

  • Swollen or puffy areas.
  • Changes of temperature or "hot spots."
  • Tenderness.
  • Bumps or joint softness.

Red  Edge Reduces Swelling in Horses' Legs

Red Edge bentonite clay poultice is a simple and natural solution to reduce swelling and inflammation in horses' legs. Once you identify a problem, just apply a thick coating of poultice to the area and work it in. The bentonite clay thoroughly reduces fluid and swelling, while the therapeutic oils cool and soothe muscle tension and inflammation. Plus our formula is sting-free and safe to use in combination with wraps or on its own. Try Red Edge today! Pamper your horse and help her legs stay pain and injury free.


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