A Redmond Story:  Alysha Used Daily Gold to Calm Anxiety in Her Horse

June 24, 2021

Horses are incredibly strong and willing animals that can do amazing things--like learn to jump ridiculously high bars or run a tight barrel pattern in mere seconds. But like us, horses can get nervous when training, competing, traveling, or learning the ropes of a new job. Stressed horses exhibit anxiety in various ways—like grinding teeth or refusing feed, spooking easily, rearing, bolting, pacing, sweating, or struggling with equine ulcers or diarrhea.

Barrel racer Alysha Benitez struggled to get her stressed horse to calm down until she discovered Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief supplement.  Read their success story below!


Introducing Alysha and Dash to the Sun

Pre-race anxiety was paralyzing my 5-year-old barrel horse GCH Dash to the Sun. The loud noises in the arena, the scary lights, the blaring music and rowdy announcers—all of it had her kicking out, rearing, and acting up before we even entered the alley.

Her anxiety was giving me anxiety. I wanted to bang my head against the truck steering wheel on the way home from every race gone bad. I was frustrated with my mare's behavior, but my biggest fear was her developing ulcers, which I dreaded. I’d gone the round of equine ulcers with an older horse and knew they weren’t fun—not for the horse or me. I knew we needed help before Dash to the Sun’s anxiety escalated into a bigger health problem.

That’s when I started her on Daily Gold Stress Relief. The price point of Redmond Daily Gold was a plus, and I loved that it’s all-natural. Within two weeks I started noticing a difference in my horse’s overall demeanor, and at the one-month mark I couldn’t believe the physical and mental changes. My mare was so much calmer! She was comfortable and confident. Even her coat was shinier and healthy-looking.

Now she has absolutely no problem traversing the alley at races—she walks in focused and flat-footed and runs into the arena with all her might. In fact, ever since we started Daily Gold she’s been clocking times with some of North Texas’ fastest horses! Now she’s pulling checks and winning buckles.

I feel so at peace knowing my horse is happy and stress-free. We love Daily Gold and won’t go a day without it. Dash to the Sun has made a complete 180-degree turnaround, and I can’t thank Redmond Equine enough for helping her along this journey.

— Alysha Benitez

Daily Gold A+ Infographic-2Redmond Daily Gold Calms Stressed Horses

The behaviors and symptoms of anxiety in horses, like Dash to the Sun, can be frustrating and make it difficult for a horse and rider to accomplish important goals together. All-natural Daily Gold can make the difference in helping horses feel calmer and more focused.

Our Redmond-brand bentonite clay treats stress in horses by buffering excessive stomach acid that makes them feel stressed and unwell. Daily Gold also repairs equine ulcers, binds toxins that create digestive upset, and resolves diarrhea. Plus, it has 60+ calming minerals to improve horse health. Help your horse feel better, focus naturally, and reach faster times with Daily Gold supplement!


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