A Redmond Story:  How Kelly's Senior Horse Regained an Appetite for Life

June 22, 2021

Most horse owners have dealt with a horse going off feed for a short time. Maybe you have a fussy eater, you've been traveling, or your horse is just working out a temporary intestinal bug. While the reasons for not eating vary, most horses get back to feed quickly. But what happens when they don't and every option you try doesn't work?

Kelly Lewis experienced a prolonged bout of inappetence with her horse Comanche after he endured cancer and a round of chemotherapy. Happily, they got his appetite and health back using Daily Gold. Read their story below to learn more.  


Introducing Kelly and Comanche

Our family horse, Comanche, is one of a kind. The first time I rode him, I knew he was special—like he’d turn out to be the horse that changed our lives. And he did!

Comanche has been in the family for 18 years now. I compete with him in Cowboy Mounted Shooting events, and he taught my husband and children to ride and love horses. He’s kind and forgiving and that one-in-a-million horse you wish for—the kind you'd clone if you could.

Comanche is getting older now and recently gave us a scare with skin cancer. While he beat the cancer, he lost his appetite after chemo. He simply wouldn’t eat, and I was worried. I felt his lack of appetite was going to take our family’s precious horse.

I treated Comanche with Omeprazole for 30 days and tried every supplement and antacid around. Nothing helped, and he still refused to eat, no matter how I disguised the medications.

I felt helpless and wondered how in the world I’d ever taken for granted something as simple as an appetite. But I simply refused to give up on our boy.

While readying Comanche for a Mounted Shooting competition, I saw an ad on Facebook for Redmond Daily Gold. It was unique from everything else I’d used because it was natural clay. I felt I had nothing to lose by trying it.

20200320_163446After just one dose of Daily Gold, Comanche finished his entire scoop of senior feed—the whole thing! That hadn’t happened in years. Four days in, he finished his food, asked for more, then slicked up another horse's spillage on his way out of the stall. I was in total disbelief!

Most amazing of all is the speed of the change I’ve seen in Comanche. Today, he’s perky again, eating eagerly and finishing two scoops of grain per day. He continues to gain weight and seems to improve daily.

Comanche is important to our family, and we're so grateful to have found Daily Gold. I feel I’ve found a miracle cure that saved our horse’s life. I'm truly amazed by this product—so much so that I now give it to all eight of my horses.

-Kelly Lewis

What Causes Loss of Appetite in Senior Horses?

As horses age, their appetite and caloric intake can sometimes decrease. This may be because of changes in routine or environment, feed, or increased stress. According to this Rutgers article, some other common causes of weight loss in horses include:

  • Failure to keep up with deworming schedules
  • Debilitating diseases
  • Poor dentition
  • Malabsorption of nutrients
  • Alterations in digestion (like colic, gastric equine ulcers, or diarrhea)

Daily Gold benefits-4

Redmond Daily Gold Helps Horses Maintain a Healthy Weight

Daily Gold Stress Relief is a natural horse supplement that can improve your horse's appetite and help maintain a healthy weight at any age. How? Daily Gold is made of Redmond-brand bentonite clay which binds toxins and bad bacteria that cause diarrhea and digestive issues in horses. It also buffers stomach acid, soothing any equine ulcers and allowing them to heal. Studies have also shown bentonite improves digestion and nutrient absorption, helping horses get the most from feed.  Daily Gold also has 60+ loose minerals to improve overall horse health.

Click below to purchase Daily Gold today and get your horse eating well again!


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