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A Poultice that Pulls Out Swelling in Horses and Humans

March 18, 2020 7:57:00 PM MDT / by Amber Foote

My roping horse Nacho loves his job. He loves to go to the arena to practice, and gets mad when I take other horses and not him.

Nacho struggles, though, with swollen legs and stocking up after training or traveling. His problem was frustrating for both of us, and seemed to be ongoing and never-ending.

Over Labor Day weekend in 2019, we hauled a long way, and when I unloaded Nacho off the trailer, his legs were once again stocked up. It was late at night, so I couldn’t walk him out to reduce the swelling.

Instead, I applied Redmond Red Edge poultice to his legs and put Nacho in his stall. The next morning I was happy to find the swelling 99% gone.

Not only do I use Red Edge now on my horse, but I also use it on myself! I have a bad shoulder, and while it was surgically repaired, it still bothers me a lot when I rope—especially during and after a hard practice session.

Now, when I finish with practice, I apply the poultice to my shoulder and within 30 minutes to an hour the inflammation and pain are gone.

Red Edge works for both my horse and me, and it works rapidly! It’s a relief knowing I’ve found a product that I can count on.

-George Marcenko


Amber Foote

Written by Amber Foote