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Red Edge Gave My Rodeo and Racehorses an Edge

March 10, 2021 1:21:09 PM MST / by Amber Foote

During my 15 years as a jockey, I quickly learned when you’re running in a Maiden race or the featured Stake races, every hundredth of a second counts. Keeping our racehorses’ legs resilient and the tendons tight was vital.

In my early career, I found that using Redmond clay and mixing it with water to act as a poultice worked well to keep our racehorses’ legs rejuvenated. There was a noticeable difference in how quickly the muscles were ready to run again. Tendons tightened quickly or stayed tight after a race, and overall, we just had better success keeping our horses sound.

After I quit horseracing, I started using a different brand of poultice on our family rodeo horses. While it worked okay, I didn’t see the same results and preventative maintenance that I did with Redmond—so I switched back.

Now I use Redmond’s new Red Edge Poultice. It’s the same Redmond clay, but premixed, with essential oils added to pamper and help my horse relax. I love that I don’t have to mix it into a mud myself now. This product makes my life easier! It’s easy at hand, ready to apply, and I can quickly attack swelling in my horses’ legs at the first sign and not wait until it’s a big problem.

Red Edge is the way to go for us. It was good enough for our racehorses for 15 years, and it’s good enough for our barrel and rodeo horses now.

-Jennifer Quarnberg



Amber Foote

Written by Amber Foote