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The Solution to Staying Focused

March 12, 2020 3:49:20 PM MDT / by Amber Foote

I compete in the Virginia Junior High Rodeo Association and Virginia Cowboys Association. I have four horses on my rodeo team, and each has unique strengths and struggles when it comes to traveling and competing.

My pole-bending horse experiences stomach sensitivity when being hauled. My roping horse gets edgy at competitions and is often on the muscle. My barrel horse isn’t totally seasoned yet, and while awesome when competing, he can be a pain to warm up. And my older goat-tying horse sometimes lacks energy.

My frustration is when I’m competing and worrying about how my horses are feeling, it takes my focus off my runs! While I tried multiple products to help, they seemed to almost drug my horses and made them act very sluggish.

We decided to try Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief powder and Stress Relief paste before competing at the National Junior High Finals in Huron, South Dakota.

I started my horses on Daily Gold three weeks before the finals and used the paste before every run. I saw a huge difference in each horse! A couple hours after giving the paste, it was as if my horses “locked in” to what we were doing.

My pole horse didn’t go off her feed while we were away for 13 days, and we ran a personal best pole run of 22.5. My rope horse, that’s usually so edgy, was a statue in the box! My barrel horse really got his mind in the game. And my goat-tying horse helped me complete a ten-second run.

I would recommend Daily Gold for any horse and any discipline. It’s really helped my horses feel and perform better—which helps me stay focused so I can go for that gold buckle!

-Charly Slaughter


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Amber Foote

Written by Amber Foote