Should I feed Redmond Rock Crushed and Daily Red together?

With the introduction of our new fortified mineral mix Daily Red, we’ve had customers ask what the difference is between Redmond Rock Crushed and Daily Red—and if they can or should be fed together. While Daily Red and Crushed are foundationally similar—both are natural, loose sea salt mineral supplements and provide excellent health benefits for your horse—they’re targeted to meet different needs and should not be fed together. Here’s why. The skinny on salt. Horses crave salt—something you probably already know! Salt is critical to keeping your horse hydrated, and plays a vital role in nerve and muscle function. Plus, horses like the taste of salt, so they’ll naturally seek it out—a very good thing, especially if you’re using a mineral salt like Crushed or Daily Red to deliver added nutritional benefits to your horse’s diet. Horses’ hankering for salt, however, is also why it’s important not to feed these two products together—and why it is important to only make available the supplement that best meets your horse’s needs. Why? If your horse has two different salt sources to munch on, he may not eat the one you would prefer and that will benefit him the most. So which Redmond salt supplement is best for my horse? That depends! Both Crushed and Daily Red are excellent, but for different reasons. Crushed provides life-sustaining electrolytes and 63 natural trace minerals. It’s ideal for equine athletes and hard-working horses that struggle with dehydration and need electrolyte and mineral replacement. Daily Red has the same foundational blend of electrolytes and trace minerals as Crushed, but is also fortified with zinc, manganese, copper, iodine, selenium and cobalt, plus vitamins A, D, and E. This fortified mix supports vision, joints, nerve and muscle function, and encourages a robust immune system and healthy coat. Daily Red is targeted specifically toward horses that need a nutritional leg up and is well-suited for nutritionally-depleted horses, stall-bound horses, equine athletes, pregnant mares and growing foals.

That’s the scoop on these two products! We hope this helps you feel more informed about which Redmond sea salt supplement is best for your horse. Whichever you choose, Crushed or Daily Red, we’re confident you’ll see the benefits each has to offer your horse.


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