A Redmond Story: Using an Equine Poultice

Gave Jennifer's Horses an Edge

August 11, 2021

A horse's legs are incredibly powerful. They allow them to do amazing things, from jumping 7-foot high obstacles to reaching speeds over 40 mph. But a horse's legs are also quite fragile. There are 80 bones in the front and hind legs, all connected by muscles and tendons that are vulnerable to damage during exercise or trauma. And when a leg injury does occur in horses, it can be devastating and career-ending. 

Jennifer Quarnberg is a former jockey who understands the importance of caring for horses' legs. She uses Red Edge bentonite clay poultice on her rodeo and racehorses to keep their legs healthy and help them reach faster times. Read more of her story and get tips from Jennifer on how to apply a poultice in the video below!


Meet Jennifer, a Red Edge Fan and Former Jockey

During my 15 years as a jockey, I quickly learned when you’re running in a maiden or featured stakes race, every hundredth of a second counts. That's why keeping our racehorses’ legs resilient and the tendons tight was vital.

In my early career, I found that mixing Redmond Clay with water to act as a poultice worked well to keep our racehorses’ legs rejuvenated. There was a noticeable difference in how quickly the muscles were ready to run again. Tendons tightened quickly or stayed tight after a race, and overall, we just had better success keeping our horses sound.

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After I quit horseracing, I started using a different brand of poultice on our family rodeo horses. While it worked okay, I didn’t see the same results and preventative maintenance that I did with Redmond—so I switched back.

Now I use Redmond’s new Red Edge Poultice. It’s the same Redmond Clay, but premixed, with essential oils added to pamper and help my horses relax. I love that I don’t have to mix it into a mud myself now. This product makes my life easier! It’s easy at hand, ready to apply, and I can quickly attack swelling in my horses’ legs at the first sign and not wait until it’s a big problem.

Red Edge is the way to go for us. It worked on our racehorses for 15 years, and it’s great for our barrel and rodeo horses today.

-Jennifer Quarnberg

Benefits of Red Edge Poultice

How Red Edge Equine Poultice Works

Like Jennifer, humans have used poultices for centuries to prevent and heal injuries, treat hot spots, and reduce swelling in horses' legs. So what makes Redmond's equine poultice so effective? Let's start with the natural and healing ingredients. It's made from Redmond bentonite clay, water, mineral salt, and essential oils.

The hydrated clay improves blood circulation and draws out toxins and fluid, while the salt and medicinal oils sooth hot muscles and reduce tension and inflammation in the legs. Red Edge is also premixed and easy to use! Just apply it straight to your horse's legs, with or without wraps. It works great before exercise to keep legs cool and tight or after to speed up a complete recovery. Try it today!


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