A Redmond Story:  How Daily Gold Settled Paige's Stressed Horse

May 13, 2021

At Redmond Equine, we love knowing our animals look and feel good from the inside out. Like you, we love seeing them thrive. But poor equine digestion can lead to debilitating ailments like gastric ulcers, lack of appetite, diarrhea, and weight loss. When horses are anxious and distracted due to digestive discomfort, their enjoyment and quality of life is diminished and so is yours. A stressed horse means stress for you.

Paige Roseberry's gelding experienced stress, digestive upset, and weight loss with stall confinement. Read how she used Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief to improve her horse's health and anxiety. 


Meet Paige and Her Horse Buckin

My gelding Buckin struggled with being confined to a stall. He’d get anxious, refuse to eat or drink, and had consistently loose stool. It caused him to lose weight and his overall physique declined.  This cycle kept repeating with my horse, and I felt like we were climbing a hill that never ended.

So when Buckin was recently injured and needed three weeks of mandatory stall rest, I knew we were in for the same old battle. That's when I decided to try Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief. It made the difference in my gelding’s recovery because it worked!


After just a week on Daily Gold, Buckin was no longer anxious or nervous. He was eating and drinking well. His stool was normal. He kept a great attitude during his three weeks of stall time and was happier overall, when in the past he was miserable to be around. I also tied a Redmond Rock on a Rope horse salt in Buckin's stall to keep him busy and combat boredom. He LOVED it.

With the help of Daily Gold, my gelding is now on the mend and back to regular exercise. Although Buckin is out of his stall, I'm keeping him on Daily Gold to help with anxiety and diarrhea at races. I've also ordered additional Redmond products which I'm very excited to try.

-Paige Roseberry


What Causes Anxiety in Horses?

For Buckin, increased stall time triggered his anxiety. But horses manifest stress in different ways, and what creates stress for one horse may not affect another. So what causes horses to become anxious and why does that affect digestion?

This Rutgers University article noted horses are emotional animals easily affected by their environment. Karyn Malinowski, author of the article, said there are two general types of stress horses encounter: physical stress and psychological stress. Physical stress may be caused by an injury, a change in environment, or exertion. Psychological stress is usually created by situations that make a horse feel uncertain or fearful--which can be many things.

When a horse experiences either type of stressor, it produces stress hormones that create changes in cardiovascular function, energy, immunity, reproduction, and digestion. The article also notes chronic stress can cause behavior changes and increase the risk for gastric ulcers, colic, and diarrhea. 

Daily Gold - why use it-2

Daily Gold Stress Relief Reduces Anxiety and Normalizes Digestion

As caring horse owners, we want our horses to feel good and to live healthy, happy lives. As their caregivers, we're the ones who know them best. By paying attention to your horse's environment and schedule and making positive changes, you can reduce a lot of the stress your horse feels. Adding a quality stress relief supplement for horses like Redmond Daily Gold can also help them feel better and manage stress more easily.

Daily Gold is Redmond's all-natural bentonite clay digestive aid. Our clay and calming horse minerals buffer stomach acid, resolve digestive issues that cause diarrhea, and eliminate pain from ulcers. It also has 60+ trace minerals to naturally nourish your horse and improve health. Your horse will feel calmer, focused, and more relaxed with Daily Gold. Click below to purchase and start helping your horse today!


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