A Redmond Story:  How Jamie Settled Her Stressed Horse's Stomach

June 22, 2021

Like humans, horses experience stress and anxiety with new situations,  routines, or when dealing with the pressure of competing. Horses express anxiety in different ways, including digestive problems. Performance horses, like Jamie Hagen's barrel horse Pistol, are particularly prone to develop stress and digestive upset. Keep reading to find out how Jamie got Pistol's anxiety and digestive tract back on track using Redmond Equine products.  


Meet Jamie and Her Barrel Horse Pistol

My 16-year-old gelding and barrel horse Pistol and I are a team. We’re partners, best friends. The dynamic between us is something I’ve never experienced before—and I've been competing with horses my entire life. Pistol nickers for me, watches my every move, and doesn’t like anyone else touching him. He trusts me and I trust him, and that’s how this horse has become who he is today.

Before Pistol and I became partners, however, he was known as an outlaw with a dangerous reputation, and I was called crazy for wanting to purchase him. But I couldn’t ignore something in my soul during our first ride that told me this was my horse. That day I made a promise to Pistol to never quit him, and today he’s become known and loved as the little horse with a big heart—all because I showed some kindness and put a little faith in him, broken soul and all.

That’s why I became concerned when Pistol started having problems again recently. He was struggling with digestive upset, anxiety and diarrhea on the road, was losing weight, and overall lacked his usual fire when running. All of his old problems were back—even while on a high dose of a product that was supposed to help. It was tough knowing something wasn't right and that Pistol wasn't running or behaving up to his full potential—but I wasn’t going to give up on him.

IMG_20190211_222159_106I heard about Redmond Equine, and decided to try Pistol on a trial of Redmond-only products during a five-week buckle series barrel race I’d signed up to run in. The first week I noticed a difference, and the results just got better and better. My horse became faster and more focused with each run. His anxiety dropped, the nervous diarrhea was gone, and he seemed happier and was gaining weight.

Because of pilot error, Pistol had only three out of five qualified runs that series, but he clocked multiple 1D times and still finished fourth overall! The difference was clear: Redmond's products worked, and they worked fast.

I am grateful for Redmond products—they’re truly a game changer—and I am beyond blessed and proud of my horse. Pistol has gone from a 3D/4D horse to a consistent 1D horse, finishing next to other great pro-level horses. He feels good and knows it's finally his time to shine, and I feel good getting back to riding, competing and winning. Next to my family, it’s the greatest part of my life.

—Jamie Hagen

Redmond Relieves Symptoms of Anxiety in Horses

As was the case with Pistol, diarrhea, weight loss, and digestive upset can all be symptoms of a stressed horse. But your horse's anxiety doesn't have to limit your ability to connect, compete, and enjoy life together. All-natural Redmond products can help you restore your horse's health and wellbeing and treat stress.

Daily Gold Stress Relief powder and syringe offers horses short- and long-term relief from acute or chronic digestive upset, diarrhea, and ulcers. It's made with Redmond-brand bentonite clay, which buffers acid, binds toxins, soothes the stomach, and repairs ulcers, helping horses focus on their job instead of digestive pain. Redmond Daily Gold also has 60+ natural calming minerals to improve horse health.

Try our other natural horse supplements, like Redmond Rock and Crushed mineral salt, and Rein Water, which improve hydration and help horses achieve optimum mineral balance. Click below to browse all of our products and purchase today to improve your horse's health!


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