Last month we received a great testimonial from Jolene Green, a Parelli – Equine Trainer living here in Utah. I enjoy riding with Jo because she really understands her horse’s behavior and temperament. We both ride Arabians and she helps me understand why my boy Kourage reacts in certain ways. She was telling me a story one day on the trail about her gelding Marquis. He is an anxious nervous boy, as are most Arabians, and had recently struggled with ulcers and obviously wasn’t himself. I felt this experience needed to be shared with our friends and customers as so many of our companions do have or have had these same issues.

Her Story

“It started when my horse and I went to a clinic 8 hrs away. My horse had never traveled without one of his herd mates before. By the time we had completed the clinic and had returned home, something was wrong with my horse. Several months later, the vet said “ulcers”. He put him on a course of ulcer medication mixed with pain killers. Right when he said the medications would take effect, my horse became his old self again. Unfortunately, 2-3 weeks after I discounted the medication, he went back to all of his symptoms. Jo and a happier Marquis on the trails in Salt Lake City, UT. The vet put him on another medication, and again he improved greatly. Again 2-3 weeks after discontinuation, his symptoms returned.

That’s when I found “Daily Gold“. By the middle of the second tub, my horse is his wonderful, “I don’t care about that cinch” self. When I showed this product to other friends who are also horse professionals, after reading the ingredients they said “I love it. It’s all natural.” Thanks Redmond. I hae my cute horse back!”

Onward and upward ….no turning back now!