A Redmond Story: How Janet Solved Her Show Horses' Dirt Eating

July 1, 2021

Most horse owners have occasionally seen their horse licking the ground. Have you wondered why they do it? Should they do it? Eating small amounts of dirt is generally harmless and a natural thing for horses. However, if horses eat copious amounts of dirt, sand, or are eating manure or licking objects repeatedly, they may be showing signs of a mineral deficiency. Read this article, 5 Reasons Horses Eat Dirt, to learn other reasons horses may eat dirt.

Janet Lewis's horse herd and traveling show horses started snacking on soil and she became concerned they weren't getting all the trace minerals they needed—until she found Redmond Rock. Read more to find out if Redmond can help your horse's mineral deficiency.


Janet's Horses Were Looking for Missing Minerals

Before I discovered Redmond products, I never felt confident that my horse herd and show horses, which are on the road seven months of the year, were getting the full spectrum of trace minerals they needed.

I occasionally noticed some of my horses would dig holes in the clay-based soil here in Virginia and snack on it. It wasn’t a lot, but it was noticeable and made me question whether they were missing something in their diet.

My first exposure to Redmond mineral products was Redmond Rock salt. I liked the fact that it was all-natural—and that it was mined in the USA was a plus as well.

When I first introduced Redmond Rock to my horses, they didn’t immediately take to it like the candy-coated salt blocks they were used to. Over time, however, what I noticed is my horses were taking what they needed instead of consuming the whole rock. It seemed so much more natural, and my rocks would last for months with my miniature horses, mustang and grade mare.

With Redmond supplements, I now feel confident my horses are getting the essential trace minerals they need—and getting them more naturally, as if they were in the wild and choosing for themselves. It feels good knowing I’m effectively and naturally helping my horses.

— Janet Lewis

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Redmond Horse Minerals are Natural and Effective

All of Redmond's sea salt mineral products are unprocessed and unrefined—and mined straight from our mineral deposit in Utah, USA.  They naturally contain 60+ essential trace minerals and electrolytes for horses to improve health and increase hydration. With Redmond, your horse receives all the trace minerals  it needs, in their natural form, without any sweeteners, colors, or fillers like in many salt blocks.

We have a mineral product to fit every horse's needs! So click below to shop our  salt licks and loose minerals for horses.


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