A Redmond Story:  How Kate Got Her Stressed Horse to Calm Down and Focus

May 13, 2021

Is your horse agitated, misbehaving or displaying an uncooperative attitude? No matter how talented or well-trained, if your horse is nervous or stressed, he won't reach his full potential and you won't be able to connect and accomplish great things together.

Kate Rhoades' barrel horse Mo experienced lack of focus and anxiety which affected their performance during competitions. Kate used Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief to help Mo relax and stay on task. Here's their story. 


Meet Kate and Mo

My barrel horse LW Hickory Commander—more affectionately known as "Mo"—had been battling gate issues at almost every race we attended. He was sour and skittish—rearing, spinning, slamming me into the fence. Some days we’d have just a small skirmish and then he’d enter the arena and run his heart out. Other days it was a drawn-out wrangle and he wouldn’t even round the first barrel.

I was ready to give up. I didn’t want to fight the battle anymore—and worse, I felt that Mo was giving up too. Then I heard about Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief. I did some research and watched testimonials about the product. I wasn’t sure it would help Mo, but I was desperate and decided to give it a shot.

At the beginning of the two-week trial of Daily Gold, we attended our local fair. Now, standing in a tie-stall for an entire week with strangers coming up and petting your butt can get irritating for any horse. This was Mo’s fifth fair with me, and normally by day three he’s kicking out, pinning his ears, running his teeth up the walls. But this year was different. After just a few days on Daily Gold, he was calm and friendly—all week long!

The last day of the fair was the barrels and poles event. We saddled up and walked to the arena. I was so nervous. Mo was only halfway through his trial of Daily Gold, and I didn’t know if it had had enough time to work out all of his anxiety issues.

As we approached the gate, I felt him get a little high-headed and energized. We took a few hops…and that was it! Just a few hops before we entered the arena. Riding Mo during that run felt great, like he was focused and wasn’t in pain anymore.

Now I’m not afraid to take Mo barrel racing and I don’t brace myself for a fight at the gate. I feel that we’re in sync and we can accomplish good things together.

– Kate Rhoades

Treating Digestive Issues and Stress in Horses

The cause of stress, behavior changes, or lack of focus in horses isn't always obvious. But one of the first things you may want to rule out is digestive problems, including ulcers.  When your horse is dealing with digestive discomfort, it's difficult for him to stay focused and work through the pain. This can result in behaviors like backpedaling, rearing,  refusal, or bolting, which creates stress and frustration for you both.

A UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine article noted up to 90% of horses have gastric ulcers, with the highest numbers occurring in those involved in athletic activities like racing, endurance, and showing. Ulcers can be caused by increased exercise, limited access to feed, high-grain diets, physical and environmental stressors, or chronic NSAID use. A reluctance to train, attitude changes, and decreased performance are just a few of the signs a horse potentially has ulcers.

Daily Gold benefits-3

Use Redmond Daily Gold Calming Clay and Minerals

Daily Gold Stress Relief supplement for horses is an all-natural bentonite clay digestion aid. It's simple, natural, and effective. Our soothing clay and horse minerals buffer stomach acid, repair ulcers, and resolve digestive pain and issues. Daily Gold also has 60+ loose trace minerals to nourish and improve horse health.

At Redmond Equine, we've heard from hundreds of customers who've successfully used our product to deliver relief and help their horses feel calmer and more focused. Get your horse back to his best self so you can connect and accomplish great things together. Click below to purchase Daily Gold and get your horse back today!


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